The REAL reason I hate to budget

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Back to the gym this morning! My three week personal training, nutrition counseling, free membership is expiring on Monday. So sad :( She finally showed me some stuff that I can do at home, but I just love the yoga and pilates classes so much, I might have to join. Back to the budget to eek out the fees! The most obvious cut back (cigarettes, yes Virginia, Kate still smokes) doesn't want to be acknowledged. And then there's the Truth (with a capital T) that quitting smoking has so many more advantages than paying a gym membership. And if I am seriously honest with myself, um - yeah, if I'm going to the gym and working out, why on earth would I want to continue to smoke?! Just one more part of my past life I need to change. Blech. Change. Yuck.

I deemed today to be a "make up free" day. My skin decided to go south for the winter and left me with this wreck of a mess - blotchy, dry and broken out. My girlfriend said yesterday when I was bemoaning a new eruption - "Well, look at it this way. Zits make you look younger." And on THAT comment.... the reason that I chose today is that we are not seeing patients in the office today, the surgeon is gone, my co-worker doesn't care and we are between office managers. The mailman is married and the FedEx gal - well. She's pretty, but that's okay. I'm happily typing away when the hot computer guy shows up with an executive from US Bank to teach us how to use the new credit card zappers, the surgeon's accountant (impeccable at all times) decides to come in and start his taxes, my old office manager stops by to chat and the unmarried, really nice looking mailman is the one we got today. Is there no justice? I mean, really. And then, the big story is that no one looked at me any differently. So. I'm stuck with the two dichotomous choices. My inner beauty is enough and I don't need make-up? -OR- Using makeup doesn't do any good, so why bother? Ack. I could go either way today. Why, oh why can't I live in the grey?