Chicken Momma

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So, Tami's getting chickens tomorrow. Baby chickens! They're getting born early tomorrow morning and then they'll be boxed up and taken to her chicken coop, where they get warmed with a light and fed and vitamined and cuddled (By me. Because her kids don't care anymore.)

And then I asked her if I could have one that was just mine and name it. (I really am a sucker) and she said no, because then what would I do when they chop it's head off in a month and a half? I'd cry. Hahaha. I might not make it as a farm girl. I have my dreams, you know. I always wanted to marry a farmer. I might finally live in the right state to get the job done!


Anonymous said...

My wife's grand mother raised chickens for Tyson's in East Texas. My wife has a hard time eating chickens because she's seen how they are raised. And it all smells.


Malaise Inc said...

Not to be a downer, but farming is a hard way to not make a living. Which reminds me of an old joke.

An old farmer wins the big lottery and during an interview was asked "What are you going to do now that you have 20 million dollars?" To which he replied, "Oh, I guess I'll just keep farming until it is all gone."

GreenCanary said...

Chickens FA-REAK me out! Not so cute. They go from fluffy and peep-like to chickeny and peck-like in about a week.