Can it be True?

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A glorious Sunday afternoon! Finally! The sun is streaming in, I put my wool sweaters away, the kitchen and bathroom are pine-sol scented (I do love that smell....) and the cats are basking in the windowsills. I can hear the washer and dryer going in the other room and all I have left to do is vaccuum. A walk outdoors and my day will be complete. Sigh. Again, finally. Spring might actually be here this time.


Anonymous said...

I guess if winter lasted 9 months I would get excited too. Pine sol always reminded me of day cares.


carrster said...

yay spring!
(still waiting here..but getting close...)

Haley-O said...

That is such a beautiful picture you painted for us. Nothing like that pine smell and kitties in the window.... So peaceful. :)

GreenCanary said...

On Saturday, I put up the bird feeders and cleaned off my deck. My kitty spent the day chattering at the squirrels while I switched to my summer curtains and cooler sheets. To say that I was happy would be an understatement... I was DISGUSTINGLY happy. So was the cat.