It's Snowing Again

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I didn't order this weather and I am not pleased. April showers bring May flowers. April snowstorms bring me to tears.

Here's a hypothetical question for you. When someone asks you repeatedly to "tell them what's wrong" or to "confide" in them, when there's really nothing to tell or say that's even remotely bothering you, what do you do? I try to ignore it and change the subject. I've tried to be honest and say, "You're digging for something that's not there." I've been mildly confrontative and said, "I'm getting really irritated here." I'm considering just lying.

I mean, what difference would it make? The person apparently wants "dirt" on me and wants to have something to worry about needlessly (in my opinion, worrying gives her something constructive to do). I'm thinking something like, "Yeah, I'm pregnant. I've been hiding it from you." or "Well, I did get arrested last week, but since I didn't actually EAT the body, I'm getting off on the cannibalism charges." My last e-mail said, "I'm not a serial killer and there aren't any bodies in the back yard, so I think we're good." I tried to laugh it off.

And here's the other thing. It's not my deal, so why worry about it? Hm. What a concept. I might try that one on for size and get back to you!

Happy Friday!


GreenCanary said...

I have a person in my life that does that. "Is everything okay?" she asks, her tone and manner freakishly annoying. I always want to say, "Nothing was until YOU got here."

But I refrain.

Anonymous said...

Ya I have done that in the past. I kind of feel bad about making something out of nothing but then again I don't want to be callous.

You could always make something up like, you killed bird today and it's really bothering you. And then tomorrow, say, well I didn't just kill it I ate it too and I kind of liked it.

You know eventually they hit their level.

But it's kind of a catch 22 if you say, "Nothing," then it looks like you are hiding something and if you say, "Oh it's just this," then they have dirt.

Or you could say, "I don't want to tell you because I don't trust you."


Twisting Ivy said...

I'm going with "I was absolutely wonderful til you freaking asked me that."

LOL. I don't know what's worse, someone always you asking that, or the people that are always dumping their woes on you. Both are irritating.

carrster said...

I would say "well, there are some people in my life who are constantly checking my emotional barometer and it's about to drive me over the edge..."

they *might* get the hint?

Probably someone trying to be *nice* but isn't getting it. I say go ahead and lie. ha

HOw are you, by the way?

J & J Acres said...

I found an easy answer to that question.... I just say "I'm just feeling blah today." There's nothing really wrong, I just feel BLAH. And most of the time people understand.