Monday, Monday Go Away, Come Again Some Other Day

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I guess I shouldn't be so down on Mondays. I didn't mind getting up and going this morning. (At least there wasn't the "Oh God, no. It can't be." when the alarm went off.) Early morning sunshine helps. Although, it's supposed to snow tomorrow. (shh!)

I have declared it "skirt week." Today is a short, flirty red number that's supposed to go over your leotard after ballet or something, but I love it. I have been looking like quite the slob lately. I thought this might perk me up. Pantyhose, heels, the whole nine yards! The girl cleans up pretty well, I must say.


Holly said...

woo hoo... sounds snazzy! :)

Stapeliad said...

OOOH and you will post a pic of the cute red skirt so we can all see how fabulous you look, right?


Twisting Ivy said...

Skirt week! Now that's a great idea... every girl should have a skirt week. =)

-Peder said...

I'm also in favor of skirt week.