Prelude to a Summer

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Oh, the joy of a sun-filled, warm, breezy day! What a treat! Gay Boyfriend and I sat out in the swing in the backyard for about an hour with our heads thrown back, soaking in the sun. And that - after an hour hike on the bike trails along the river with Mom and Dad. Much happiness. I forget that the sun is an integral part of my happiness. My mom always asks how I managed to live in NC without a therapist. (As a joke she says, but in reality uses it as a way to shame me for going to one now...) And I think it was the sunshine. Always sunshine and warmth. It rained almost every afternoon in the summer when the front moved over the mountains for the day, but only for a half hour and then it was back to sunshine. Liquid gold.


GreenCanary said...

My mom's the same way with the therapy thing. But I think what she's really worried about is that I'm talking about her to my therapist.