Sunny Days are Here to Stay

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Well, the sun isn't exactly here to stay, but I think the threat of snow is finally over. I've worn flip flops several days in a row now - that's a good sign!

The doctor was still a pill today, but I admittedly egged him on. I can't stand it when he gets self-righteous. And I take it upn myself to call him on it. Like it's my duty or something. He told me I was ignorant today. Ha! I hope he gets over it soon, or I might have to deck him or something.

Therapy Tuesday. It's always Therapy Tuesday. I'm doing quite well. Even after yesterdays crawl-in-a-hole and make-it-stop attitude, I knew enough to just bag it and call it a day and start over. I don't have to analyze it or make it something that it's not. Everyone has bad days. Just because I have a bad day doesn't mean I'm headed back to crazy-town. Right? Please tell me I'm right, because I feel okay today. And NOT analyzing it makes sense to me right now. Life is life and I'll hit it head on because I'm capable of that today. Thank God.


Malaise Inc said...

Sometimes a bad day is just a bad day. Maybe you are tired. Maybe your allergies are acting up. Maybe your boss was a jerk to you that day. There can be any number of different reasons why you feel lousy that don't involve your marbles rolling around on the floor.

Living with someone with depression, it is my observation that it involves an inordinate amount of self-analysis. But, all that analysis is fundamentally irrational (though not obviously so to the person experiencing it.) So, my input is you are sounding perfectly normal to me and not to worry about feeling better.

Holly said...

we all have bad days not matter who we are or what kinds of struggles we have.... and I believe that analyzation is just part of being female. yep, OVERanalyze is my middle name. you?

Edge said...

I'd say you are correct.


Twisting Ivy said...

I think analyzing things is what makes us crazy to begin with. =)

It is what it is! Bad days happen to everyone.

Woo-hoo flip-flops!

GreenCanary said...

You're doing right, girlie. As the Queen of Overanalysis, I hereby dub thee, "HEALED." *air kisses and much royal waving*

carrster said...

EVERYONE has bad days. Definitely does not mean you're headed to crazy-town. :)

Yay for sunshine! We walked to work today! Whohoo!