Stupid Fat Rolls

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This is the kind of yoga that I do at the gym. Vinyasa Flow. After fighting the crud (sinus infection, bronchitis, stupid asthma), I finally decided I would go back today. It's been three weeks, and oh my! It felt soooo good! It helps my broken leg, it helps my breathing, it helps my soul. When I do the meditation at the end, I feel this weird burning sensation in my "third eye." I used to think it was a joke - that third eye thing, but there must be some sort of nerve center there that gets engaged. Weird.

Now if only my fat rolls would get out of the way - I could get deeper into the poses. Stupid fat.

And even though this is not a weight loss blog, I feel like I need to do something to keep me accountable to eating right and exercising. I hate it. I hate that I'm overweight. I loved how I felt and looked four years ago. Bad living makes you look bad. Ack. I had this delusion that I would just lose weight by not drinking. In fact the opposite is true. I eat more because I miss the empty calories. Alcohol is like eating pure sugar. And when you first get sober, they encourage you to eat lots of candy, carbs and chocolate to combat your body's proclivity for alcohol. Now, I don't go for candy or chocolate much, but the empty carbs? Totally there, baby. Give me a bagel, pasta, bread, mashed potatoes, the whole nine yards. I want them all.

So there. I feel fat and yucky today, but then again, I ate well today. Lots of fruit and veggies. There's nothing better than that.


Holly said...

I'm really interested in taking up Yoga. You give me added incentive!

GreenCanary said...

I once took hatha yoga and loved it. Except this once... I was wearing a bra whose underwire was incredibly squeaky when I moved. In the silence of the lightly-incensed, dimly lit room, all you could hear was, "Ca-reeeeeeeeeeeeek! Ca-reeeeeeeeeek!" Stupid bra.