Gifts of the Weekend

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I did it! I got my very first motorcycle ride! I went 80 miles, got hit by a june bug, which felt like a rock, but the wind, and the way it pounds through your head - I couldn't even think. And what a freeing feeling that was - to have a clear mind for a couple of hours! I went with my friend Tiny, who is anything but. He really was the only one big enough with a big enough bike for my 6 foot tall and not so skinny frame. But I have trusted him with my life several times in the past few years and if there was anyone I believed who would keep me safe - it was him.

AND the band they had was incredible, they played a little bit of everything and I stayed up dancing until about 1 a.m. (I'm usually in bed by 10!) The bonfire was incredible and the bikes were amazing. Can you tell I had a good time? So glad I didn't give in to my scaredy-cat self that likes to back out of new things at the last minute!

The interview went quite well. Six people were in there with me - which I'm used to, since working for the church usually requires a committee to hire someone - been there, done that. I felt a camaraderie there that I might enjoy, so we'll see. I'm not in a hurry to find something new and if it's the right thing, it will present itself as such to me. I truly believe that. The chance to work with women and children again is a wonderful feeling. Mostly, because I know my heart is in it and I'm very good at it.

Hope you all had good weekends, too. I couldn't have asked for a better time. And the weather cooperated, too. What a gift!


GreenCanary said...

I'm so jealous!! I've never been on a motorcycle. Also, I want a large friend named Tiny.

lacochran said...

It's so much better to interview when you can be casual about it. You come across so much better/more confident. Well, I do. I don't know you but I'd guess you do, too.

Shania said...

It was a great weekend for the bike here, as well. We hadn't gotten to go for a ride yet, so it was nice. Glad you enjoyed it.