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So, one of my girlfriends is being somewhat stalked by her ex-boyfriend. It's so ridiculously insane. I mean, you think you know someone and you have a relationship with them and then suddenly they're just this icky, weird, insane person who you then choose to break up with. Then the REAL madness sets in. I guess I just never worried about my personal safety with the men I dated. And this? This is nuts. He's nuts. Standing outside someone's door, pounding on it for an hour and calling every five minutes leaving scathing messages? I'm not sure whether or not he'd try to hurt her, but that kind of insanity kind of begs the question I guess.

And then what keeps someone from calling the police? I've never been in that position so I don't know what I would do. It's someone you thought you cared about and even though he went off his rocker, this is NOT the person we remember him being. So, how long do you wait before taking action? The whole thing scares me, and it's not even ME!

I can't make her call the police the next time he comes over, but I worry about her too. The whole thing is frightening and really messed up.


GreenCanary said...

I always think the same thing when I hear those horror stories on the news... People killing their children, husbands killing their wives, etc. It makes me ask how well we can ever really know someone, and that? That's not a question I like.

Shania said...

As someone who was targeted and stalked for over a year by a stranger, please urge her to document every incident. Every phone call, visit, siting, nothing is too small to note. It's the only thing that's going to get her protection when she figures out she needs it.

Kate said...

Thanks, Shania. She hasn't been doing it - so collectively, our friends have been doing it for her. It's just so sad.

Malaise Inc said...

You know, I just don't get it. Does the stalker actually think they are going to get the person back by such creepy behavior? We have a friend that is a cop and she was telling us about a guy that showed up in front of his ex-girlfriends place, doused himself in gasoline and threatened to set himself on fire. Seriously. What are these guys thinking?