Too Much Partying.....

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Friday night, I threw a barbeque for Gay Boyfriend's birthday. Lots of fun and GB told me his whole birthday weekend topped the last best birthday he had which was four years ago. He seems to be settling into himself more and more and I like watching it. He's not so afraid of the big bad biker crew that I hang around with anymore. I think he's actually starting to believe that his gayness has nothing to do with whether or not anyone respects him.

Saturday was the huge Tallgrass event. Speakers, picnic, comedian, fellowship and fun. I was out there from 1 p.m. until 11 p.m. It was a long, long day, but I looked smokin' hot in my new dress and the weather cooperated for a 500 participant outdoor event. The night ended with a bonfire and lots of guitars. Kumbaya, we are not. More like Bob Marley and Bob Dylan fans, and it was fun.

Sunday, the BEACH. A perfect, sunny, fluffy clouds, not too hot and a gentle breeze greeted us at 10 a.m. Swimming with J's girls and lots of junk food and smut magazines. The Enquirer really is full of crap. But I guess that's what you do at the beach anymore. Sun and smiles later, we went to ANOTHER friend's barbeque and then a quiet night on the swing in the backyard with Miss M, who is getting her business plan in place to buy the bakery in a nearby small town. She asked me if I could be the sexy Saturday morning counter girl for awhile, and I responded in the affirmative, as long as I could wear a sexy apron! These are exciting times, and even though it has nothing to do with me, being happy for a friend's success is a long way for me to have come!

I had to go back to work to rest up from my frivolity. Is it legal to sleep sitting up in front of your computer?


Meigan said...

You know, my mom is finding surprise in little bits of happiness that she feels. I often hear her say, "I never would have felt happy about that a year ago."

So I think it's great! And I can totally see you working in a bakery - fun!

Shania said...

Good grief, I hope so! Otherwise I'd get no sleep at all. Glad you're having fun (and only a smidge jealous)

GreenCanary said...

Aprons ARE sexy! And send me some baked goods!