The Good the Bad and the Ugly

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The weekend recap is here in full view....

Things did not go quite as planned, but I've learned to roll with the unexpected a lot more easily, and after this weekend, I think I've learned quite well! I was at M's house a half hour after we got off work, and sadly - she was not ready to go. When I want to get out of town, I'm roaring to go when it's time. She wasn't home, so we connected via cellphone and I did a quick trip for gas and ice while she was picking up her prescriptions. She wasn't even packed! But I managed to help as much as possible, taking one item down at a time as it got ready. And bless her heart - we were ready to go an hour later. We're hot, we're sweaty, have said, "screw it, let's just get out of town" about five time to various and little things that we thought would be "fun" to bring along and just didn't have the energy to deal with anymore. So, down to the car, irritated enough to say, "Air conditioner full blast!" and.... my car wouldn't start. Argh.

I said a bad word. Or two. Maybe ten. After laughing hysterically since we were in such a hurry to get out of town, we called Southside, figuring there'd be someone there that would know how to fix something on it and our friend Butch (no joke, the name fits the man to a "T.") came in a half hour. He tried to jump it, he fiddled with all sorts of things. It would not go. Turns over (not the starter) lights work and radio is on (not the battery), he asked VERY POLITELY (kudos to him) if I had put gas in it recently. I laughed and told him he put it so nicely, but yes, recent fill. No dice. He leaves. We're hot. I'm irritated, but not mad at this point. I mean, what can I do? It's Friday night. So, we unpack everything, throw it in M's car, I offer to put gas in it and she looks at me and says, "I'd rather just get out of here and down the road." So, that's what we do.

The funny thing is, this doesn't really bother me. Of course, I tell everyone there about the whole thing, but I'm not worried. I call Gay Boyfriend when he gets off work, he goes over to do a diagnosis and says he thinks it's the fuel pump, calls my mechanic and arranges for it to be towed first thing Monday morning. Gay Boyfriend is a peach, I tell you what! and that's that. Even if I had chosen to get upset about it, it's already taken care of; I certainly wouldn't give up a camping trip today to sit at home and stew about my stupid car.

Saturday, I went tubing for the first time this year. Fun times! I almost lost my suit bottoms once when I hit the water a little too hard and I have various strange bruises all over, but it was exhilarating and as I told the guy driving the boat who was amazed at how long I stayed on, "I've been holding on for dear life for the last three years, why would I give up now?" And I might have a crush on the boat's owner. A little. Or a lot. Okay, if he asked me out I would not think twice about saying yes. And maybe I daydreamed about him a little. Or a lot. hehehehehe. Kate's libido is finally alive and well, my friends. He was so nice! I always watch how people treat the kids that are around - I think that's a true estimate of how a person treats people in general. Well. He passed. Treated them like they were just as important as the adults and not just a nuisance to passify. Swoon. And he saw My Gracefulness fall ass first into the water while getting on the tube. It moved! I'm serious.

Amazing campfire and even more amazing meeting. There's something about sharing your deep dark secrets around the fire! Gay Boyfriend ended up coming up and spending the night and quite a few people came up for just the campfire. I STAYED UP UNTIL 1 a.m! I have not been turning into a pumpkin at midnight when there's fun going on anymore!

This morning, the deluge began about 9 a.m. Mr. Nice to Kids came over and helped us pack up the tent as best as we could. (He saw me laying on the tent, soaking wet in my pajamas, trying to get the air out of it, so I think he's seen me at my best, no?) we had coffee on the deck of his cabin for about an hour, hoping it would stop at some point, but to no avail. We took off, had lunch at a truck stop - which is the ultimate in eating when you're starving, and got home wet and exhausted, but oh so glad we went.

I tried the car one more time. I'm an optimist like that. But no luck. Oh well. Wonderboy and his freak friend are doing laundry and don't seem to understand the concept of "keeping it going" so that the other two residents of this house can have clean underwear tomorrow, but I'm only secretly spilling my black bile about that on the internet. I really try to be reasonable and nice on the outside..... A three hour nap later, I'm happy and as yet unclean. Once I take a shower, I do believe that all will be alright with the world. I went camping, I have a new man to daydream about. Finally. I got to go on a boat (which I learned last summer is quite the obsession with me) And my car will get fixed. Im sure there will be an interesting post about said car tomorrow.

On to a new adventure!


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Welcome back, Kate's Libido!