It's That Time Again

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Okay people, Halloween is coming up. Too soon, you say? No way! There's a huge Halloween Dance that I go to every year and I LOVE to dress up. This is me being a sexy pregnant nun last year. Nothing pleases me more than to be irreverant. Nothing.

I need ideas for this year. Totally over the top ideas. Bring it on!


Sweetly Single said...

that was a great one!

How about a woman playing a man playing a transexual

Nilsa S. said...

You are hilarious. But, I'm kinda anti-Halloween. So, I'm not going to be one for great ideas.

Kristen said...

Last year I dressed as Miss Congeniality but I wore a vibrator in the satin belt around my waist, I had messed up makeup, a condom stuck to my shoe, furry handcuffs, and the back of my dress tucked into my panties.

It was pretty funny.

Until I realized that there were children at the party.

I had to de-whore really quickly until the kiddies went to bedforshire.


Malaise Inc said...

Go as an investment banker. All you need to do is wear a barrel and carry a sign saying "Will short-sell for food. God Bless."

[F]oxymoron said...

I may be a bit biased, but how about a [F]oxymoron?

CatKrny said...

Ryan Beeken dressed up as a used tampon one year. He painted the center of a sheet red, attached a string in the middle and put the sheet over his head. Gross but clever.

Clever and not gross...Wilson from 'Home Improvement'. Use cardboard to make picket fence. Hang it on your shoulders so that is hides the lower half of your face. Don a hat and the look is complete.

carrster said...

My all time fave Halloween costume (which did win me a couple prizes, I must say) is "The Grapes of Wrath."

Get a green hooded zip-up sweatshirt. Blow up lots of purple balloons and pin them all over it so you look like a bunch of grapes. Paint your face in a scary & wrathful way. Carry a hatchet dipped with "blood." There you go.

I also carried around a copy of the book because it made it clear to people who didn't GET IT.

*I recommend the zip up hoodie because when you're sick of not being able to sit down you can take it off relatively easily.

lacochran said...

I once bought one of those Presto logs and strapped it to my butt so I could be a "bump on a log". Not irreverant but goofy. Feel free.