It's Been Decided

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So, Joan and I went to all the Goodwills and Salvation Armies and St. Vincent DePaul's last Tuesday night looking for the goods for a Halloween costume for moi. I was thinking bride or medusa, as you may recall. But what I found was even better. I'm going to be "The Bridesmaid From Hell. I Will Make Your Wedding a Nightmare." (That's my motto for the night. Now you know. Run and hide, thankyouverymuch.)

It's not often that you find something at the used stores that fits you perfectly, perfectly, hugs all your curves, and hides all your fat. But here's what I found.

And no, I won't be wearing that bra. In fact, I don't think I'll be wearing one at all, and if I'm like Crissy's Pimp, I may not wear underwear either. Mwhahaha! Tell me you can see it. The eggplant dress replete with dead flowers, black lipstick, pale face, super messy falling down updo with big black bow to accentuate it. Yes, I get very excited about dressing up for Halloween. Just about as excited as your six year old. Humor me here.

Oh, and the dress was $4. I win in all things second hand store.

Just want to point out that I'm trying this on at work. And that if I get the new job I'm interviewing for today? I think the party might be over.


t2ed said...

I thought the visible bra straps kind of made the ensemble.

Sweetly Single said...

LOL that is sooo awesome!!!

You are going to have to tell me the secret of the second shopping experience

carrster said...

Fantastic! Great idea. :)

I wore an old bridesmaid dress one year, made myself a sash and GLAMMED UP to be "Miss Lincoln Park" (which as you know is the shitty neighborhood I just moved from - ha!). I love that you love Halloween as much as me!! Wheeeee!

lacochran said...

Are you going to complain about the bride and claim that you slept with the groom? That's always popular with bridesmaids.

Megkathleen said...

Genius. I love it. I've been searching ebay for my costume, but I'm thinking I should follow your example and check out the thrift stores.

Shania said...

What a great idea for a costume! I've managed to buy the dog's costume so far. Yes, I dress the dog. Shut up.

CatKrny said...

You are brave/stupid to consider leaving home without a bra. I like to keep a leash on things, and gravity is not my best friend.

Nilsa S. said...

Good thoughts to you for your interview (or was that yesterday - I'm so far behind!) and the dress suits you well, especially for $4!

Kristen said...

I found the most hideous 80's prom dress at Savers and I left it behind.

It's gone now, but it would have been perfect!

I love what you got and your idea is awesome! Can't wait to see the whole thing put together!