Don't Mess With the Plan

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Happy Christmas Eve!

Here's the low-down on the day's festivities in my world.

Work until noon. (I'm hoping the little old lady that has an appointment today will bring me cookies. She seems like the type.)

Go to Tallgrass and scarf down all the goodies they have for lunch today. The drunks currently incarcerated there don't need all that chocolate. I'm going to help them by eating it all. Plus, I'm working with a new gal there and I'm sure not being with her kids today blows. I didn't make it to treatment until December 28th. I missed Christmas. In more ways than one. I don't recall much of Christmas 2006. I was more or less insanely drunk the whole week. (And maybe that whole year. I might have had a slight drinking problem.)

THEN, I'm going to my recovery dad's house to take him and his wife a sappy Christmas card that tells them how much I love them. They may or may not feed me.

Grocery store. Mom and dad have decided to grace me with their presence. I will be cooking tomorrow! Yippee! I LOVE cooking! The turkey is thawed and everything.

Recovery meeting. Because you know, the Christmas Depression comes upon me quite greatly since Jason died. That may or may not have had something to do with the drinking.

Then I'm going to church. Somewhere.

Then I'm going home to get drunk.

Just kidding. I'm going to light candles and turn on my tree and my stained glass houses that light up and drink cranberry juice sans vodka, listen to Christmas music and wait for Santa. I'm hoping he comes down my coal chute.

If you got that joke, I love you more than ever.



Daisee579 said...

I know that I don't know you and all, but I totally think you rock. I know this is a hard time for you, but you take each day as it comes and manage to keep such a positive outlook on life. You're kind of my hero.

I had a rough holiday season of 2006 too. My parents decided to tell us that after 31 + years of marriage they were getting divorced. It sort of rocked our world as NO ONE in our family is divorced. That was a bad time for me and each December since has been hard. Not nearly as hard as what you've been through or dealt with, but in some small way, I feel your pain.

Keep on being an inspiration and rocking and stuff. And I will end this now before I sound any more stalker-ish!!

OH! and P.S. I'm totally going to try your chicken tortilla soup tonight. My family, too, has decided to grace me with their presence tonight, and it looks like an easy dish to start and leave in the crockpot until people want to eat it. Can't wait!!

Nilsa said...

Kate, it sounds like not only do you have a plan to deal with a somewhat stressful time of year ... but that you might also allow yourself to enjoy yourself, too. Imagine that!

MsDarkstar said...

So, do you hang your stocking by your coal chute?

Sounds like a plan and yay! that you get to cook.

Merry Christmas!

Summer said...

coal chute lol.

Merry Christmas!!

Sweetly Single said...

bahahahaha coal chute... shame on you for making me snort in the middle of the office!!!! (yes I snort... don't judge me)

Merry Christmas love!!! You Rock the cold hard winter!!!

May you have a very Bountiful and wonderful new year

BrianAlt said...

Even me?

Dingo said...

Happy Christmas, Girl! And I'm so glad to read that you are actually finding peace. Next step, get a piece. Or is that the plan for New Year's?

LiLu said...

Merry Christmas, Kate! I hope the day works out perfectly for you. :-)

controlled chaos said...

Wow sounds like a great plan. Happy holidays!
Let me know how well it goes according to plan, plans never ever work out for me. I just came across your blog and wanted to leave a comment-I think it was all the pink colors in your blog. Does that make sense?

Kristen said...

You dirty girl making a dirty joke.

I love you more than ever for saying that!

Coal chute.


Kate said...

Crissy, I seriously think you're the only one that truly got the joke. I love you, sweetie!

coconutgirl said...

merry belated christmas eve! i laughed out loud when you said your way of helping would be to eat the chocolate. i can help like that, too.

Christian said...

Wait. I don't get it.