Stupid Monkey Plague

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Oh Internet, I'm going to whine. I'm SICK. AGAIN! I don't feel like I ever got better the first time around! I did my best by a meeting, lunch and then meeting with a super depressed newcomer at Tallgrass, but then I crashed big and bad.

I want a magic wand.

But there's a new post coming on the Basement Cook, I'm making pumpkin bread. Stay tuned.


lacochran said...

Hope you can shake the monkey plague once and for all. Lots of fluids. And rest. And think nice thoughts. Really nice. Like magical unicorn nice. (Don't think about the unmagical kind.)

Dingo said...

Girl! What's with the Monkey Plague?! I think we may be plague sisters, I'm feeling sick again as well. As I recall, I think I got sick right after you did last time too! Stop infecting me!

saratogajean said...

Oh, pumpkin bread.

I made Marie's recipe and it was delicious.

gkgirl said...


hope you are feeling better soon!

rudecactus said...

Feel better. And if you land a magic want, please tell me how I can get one too.