Happy Feet Friday

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Check out these babies. Yummy. I wore them yesterday with my favorite short black flippy skirt. I am kind of a skirt girl. In the summer, I don't wear shorts, I wear skirts. It's been going on since I could pick out my own clothes. The lying started then, too. But that's not as interesting. When I started kindergarten, I told my teacher that my mom made me wear skirts every day and I told my mom that my teacher said that girls had to wear skirts to school. Yeah. Mom put the smack down on THAT one. Hrmph.

I digress. Onto the good stuff. I park up the hill from where I work and the street I cross is kind of busy in the mornings with no light at the intersection. Its a human game of frogger to get across. When it's nice out, I don't mind the wait. I watch people go by in their early morning cars; coffee slurping, music blaring, arguments, sleepy eyes. I just watch. So yesterday, I was not too preturbed. It was a beautiful morning. There was one more truck to pass and I was set to step off the curb, but the truck slowed down and stopped, motioning for me to cross. I thought, "How nice!" Because no one stops. Even when it's pouring rain. I smiled and waved, as I am wont to do and as I went past the front of the vehicle, there it came. The low whistle and the "Hey baby."

Now I know and finally understand that I am a striking woman. Six foot tall, blonde curls, long, long legs? In a short skirt and heels? Okay. I get that. But here are the thoughts I had going through my mind. "I should just turn around and flash them. Seriously. That would be funny." and "Maybe I should flip them off." and the final one." What if I just walked up to the door and leaned in the window and told them that they disgust me?" And instead, I felt my cheeks get red hot, my feet move faster than they should in heels, and I just kept walking with my head down. It really was all I could do not to run. I hate that kind of thing. I hate it. And I also hate that I can't seem to find a response that doesn't involve shaming myself and not them.

I don't mind when men tell me I'm pretty or that I look nice, but that usually comes from people I know and trust. I don't like that whistle thing. It makes me feel yucky. So there. Men? If you've ever done that to a woman? I don't like you anymore and please stop reading my blog. Well, except for Stoogepie. I don't know why he gets a free pass to be disgusting.

In other news, Gay Boyfriend is going away for the weekend and I will be left in the old creaky house by myself, which freaks me out not just a little bit. I hate it when he's gone. It's scaa-wee. But I have a fabulous wedding to go to on Saturday night where all my favorite people will be. And said event precipitated the purchase of a new dress, which ALWAYS makes me happy. Sunday? It might just be the first beach day of the season, followed by a barbeque at Cowgirl's house. I can't wait. Summer? It's here.


Sweetly Single said...


f.B said...

I don't understand the yelling and whistling. I remember the Seinfeld skit where he said men who beep their car horns, for instance, are just men who are out of ideas... But it seems like an idea that 600% of the time fails 100% of the time.

Lindsey said...

Cute shoes!!!!!!!

You're 6ft? Is that without the shoes?

Me and my stumps-I mean legs-are jealous.

Anonymous said...

There would be nothing wrong with allowing a pretty lady pass in front of you...just to appreciate the view.

Them stopping and letting you pass was acknowledgement enough of their appreciation of your appearance...the whistle is why guys are guys though.

It is the DNA. I apologize for my gender.

*Akilah Sakai* said...

Me likey! Those are cute!

You've got a great weekend lined up. Enjoy!

You're 6 feet? Cool! I'm only 5'8" you striking beauty, you.

I don't like the cat calls either ... though I never had a problem of men calling out to me very often. Never have, never will.

Bob said...

I can understand not wanting to be objectified. But - you get to decide how you feel about this. Take it as a compliment, or take it as offensive, neither is worth getting upset about. We taught our daughter to practice for such occasions so that when the time came she would be able to respond as she wanted. IF this really bothers you - not being able to respond to these situations - (It sounds a bit nutty) ask a friend to help you act this situation out - they whistle at you, you respond. That way, the next time it happens, you'll be ready.

BTW, flashing these guys would just be a reward for them - just sayin'.

Kate said...

Recently a valet told me, "I hope I see you again tonight."

Gross. Somehow that felt even more skeezy than whistling.

JoLee said...

cute shoes! there is a construction site near my work and 4-5 times when I've walked past, I've been BARKED at. Bark as in woof woof as in a dog. Yeah, because that really makes me want to talk to someone who BARKED at me.

buffalodick said...

I like the floor...

t2ed said...

Has the "Hey, baby," ever worked in the history of manking.

Yet men keep trying it.

Gotta give it to us for consistency. And stupidity.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I'm with you - can't stand it when strangers whistle, hoot and holler. But, one thing I've noticed is ... they only do it when you've got your mojo in a good spot. You're in a groove, girl, no denyin' it!

melissalion said...

I haven't been catcalled in ages. I miss it. Just channel those catcalls to me, would you?

BrianAlt said...

I don't do it.

So you know, a curtsey and a wink would have left them speechless.

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

What a great blog! I'm so glad you happened by and I found your blog. What fun!

FreedomFirst said...

I was waiting for someone at the ACME last week and this guy walked by and totally stroked my braid and breast at the same time and said "hey baby." I was just in shock. He thought it was hilarious. It enraged me that I felt my face getting all red and as always when I'm embarrassed, I started laughing, which does NOT!!! mean that I thought it was funny! but is simply my reaction to being embarrassed. I have no idea why. Grrr. What a rude jerk. He kept right on walking so by the time I recovered it was too late to kick him or trip him, or punch him in the center of his arrogant grin.

Anonymous said...

Men are scum. There, I said it. Except for me, of course. I'm not scum. But the rest of us are. Seriously.

Sorry. On behalf of all of us, you have my most sincere appologies.

stoogepie said...

Yay! A free pass! Soo-weet! (That was my poor attempt at a whistle.)

You are, indeed, striking, my dear.

I'm not sure I see how it can ever be insulting to be whistled at. Yeah, it's obnoxious, but it's obnoxious like calling at 2am for a bootie call is obnoxious. It's definitely not saying anything bad about the recipient. I can see how it might bother you, the same way seeing other obnoxious behavior like public urination might bother you, except that peeing in public is not the same as saying, "Yo! You're a hottie!" At least not for most people. So, I would take the whistles as a compliment. Like the late booty call, it's one of those obnoxious things you could actually miss.

I have never gotten a whistle and I am all broken up about it. I have had strange women -- especially in groups because there is safety in group obnoxiousness -- say sexually suggestive things on the street, though. My reaction: you talk the talk but do you walk the walk? It's a compliment.

Also, everybody objectifies everybody else all the time. There's nothing wrong with it. I would rather someone on the street see me as a sexual object than as an object of scorn or ridicule.

So enjoy the whistles, I say. Complimentary obnoxious behavior is better than not getting compliments, and you deserve the compliments whatever their form and source.