Sometimes I Just Need to Shut Up

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Please ignore late night self pity posts. Sometimes the loneliness takes over and it seems too big to overcome. But it IS manageable. Usually by just going to bed already and ending the misery. Ha! Going to fry my skin at Cowgirl's house and play with the munchkins until it's time for the wedding. It's better that way.

Plus, she already made black bean salsa for me. And that's my favorite.


*Akilah Sakai* said...

It's okay to have moments.
Have fun tonight! Enjoy the salsa.

Sarah said...

I know how that is, the loneliness that's so much you can't contain it. Sleep does help a lot.

O'Mama said...

Being human means messy reactions to the shit that goes down and the sad that is hard to contain. Be kind to yourself, remember that you are amazing,

Enjoy the salsa and the munchkins.

stoogepie said...

Yeah, sometimes you need to shut the hell up. Well, what is mean is, sometimes you need to tell the anxious, lonely voices in your head to shut the hell up.

Girl, this is your blog. If you can't shout whatever you have on your mind to the whole world here, then where? Censoring yourself is as addictive and dangerous as anything you have ever had to face. You have a beautiful voice. Don't waste it trying to sing only happy notes.

Julia said...

Stoogepie - I love what you said about not wasting her voice trying to sing only happy notes!

k8 - have fun at the wedding - enjoy and let go!