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I'm going to be at the quarry all day tomorrow. ALL DAY. We're leaving at 8:30 in the morning and I will not be home until I'm sunburned, exhausted and emotionally unburdened. That's what the water and the sun can do for me and I'm going to soak in all I can. The fishing, the swimming, the jumping off of cliffs, tearing around on the golf cart, giggling little girls and sweet paddleboating? Glorious. And I'm really hoping it will numb my psychotic brain. We might even shoot guns. Because I think that's fun. Wednesday is the last day my co-worker will be in the office with me and the morning throwing up started again today at dawn. I can't get my stupid head to stop worrying about it. I literally say, "Stop it!" to myself over and over in an attempt to shut it down, but that just prolongs the amount of time it takes before I puke. At this point, I'd rather just get it over with if it's going to happen. Anyone who knows how to make this stop, is welcome to weigh in.

I have no idea why the thought of running this office alone makes me so anxious. Because frankly? I surf the internet for eight hours a day. And in honor of my absence (I know you spend hours upon hours reading my blog and the dearth of information about my personal life is going to ruin your day.) here's the list of my favorite places to go. And my other favorites are obviously listed to the right. You really can find eight hours worth of interesting things to read if you look hard enough.

My morning dose of cultural analysis starts out here:

Then of course, I have to check on my favorite feminist:

Moving right along to funny and sometimes really interesting stuff to ponder:

Check the weather:

Throw in some news:

Then in the afternoon, I go hard core:
(I have to check her first. She's the most entertaining. Plus there's shoes.) (Why I love research and science so much? No clue.) (Disaster preparedness and epidemics are my favorite you know.) (More disaster knowledge and diseases. Sweet, sweet diseases.) (Because I care about people. And their mental illnesses.) (I love sickness. I can't help it.)

Check to see the next time they're teaching the Shim Sham:

Stalk my pretend boyfriend:

See if I'm brave enough to post my recovery story yet:
(I'm not.)

Look for a new job that doesn't involve throwing up:

Then start fantasizing about a different life:
(Where I'm convinced I should live at some point in my life. It's desolation intrigues me.)
(Another place I think I should live at some point. I miss the ocean so much it hurts sometimes.)

Somedays, I get link happy and I'm lost on the web, not knowing how I got where I am. And that's the best kind of surf day. Because I'm always looking for something new to think about. But tomorrow? Is about not thinking at all. So you all - go think for me. Post your favorite websites in the comments. I'm always looking for more!


carrster said...

...and of course my website, right? ha!

enjoy your sunny fun day tomorrow. Let lose and be carefree! Have fun.

Summer said...

I love

Hope you have a blast tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It's a little hot down there in SC (and they have a bit of a Governor issue)...North Carolina and Virginia are decent option for this coast too.

Captain Crab said...

and the Crab Blog?

MsDarkstar said...

and I wholeheartedly agree that stalking is a worthwhile use of time!

LiLu said...

Have a blast. I hope you get to go quarry jumping!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss being able to go to a quarry,

Rachel said...

If I'm in the sun for more than an hour I'll sleep for the next three days.

It's the best.