Addicted. Again.

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My sister called this morning to see if I was bringing my computer on vacation. And I'm all like, "Duh! Of course I am!" How do people survive without the internet? Why is she not bringing her own computer?! Does she think I'm going to SHARE? Does she not know that I already figured out that the place we stay has high speed internet? I think this proves once again that I am addicted to the internet. Hrmph.


buffalodick said...

It has crept into our lives, to be sure!

*Akilah Sakai* said...

I agree, it's really hard to be without it. It has so many damn uses and lots of it really is helpful.

G said...

The internet invades our time slowing and deeply. Its influence is insidious and pervasive. What starts out as a natural and seemingly benign curiosity of the unknown, evolves into an addiction. HELP ME!!!!!!!!