Happy Feet Friday 400

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These are my new shoes. They were $4 at the second hand store. Leather. There were a myriad of BRAND NEW SHOES in my size, but they all had 4 inch heels. I would most certainly break my neck.
I have been packing for vacation. My clothes go in a laundry basket, not in a suitcase. Crap goes in the pink bag. Shoes? Just get thrown in the back seat. The notecards? That's how I reduce the anxiety. Once there's a list, I am calm. Oh. So. Very. Calm.
All the bathroom stuff goes in another pink bag. Should I be embarassed that the card that holds the list for the bathroom bag is double sided? I think not. I have to be pretty.
This side of the car holds the things for the 3 day camping trip. I will not be bringing these things home. Someone else will. After I get done camping, I leave for a whole week at the cabin. I don't need extra things to haul. My friends are awesome. They will house the camping crap until I get back. Plus, if I'm forgetful enough, they will keep it all until next year. Yippee!
The trunk is full of the beach. I leave tomorrow right after work. Gas. Grocery store for ice. Cheese and crackers, and I'm good to go.
I had to do garden duty before I left. Apparently my green pepper plant only wants to grow two green peppers. All the other flowers have died.
My beans have died on the vine. I think the neighbor on the other side of the fence must have sprayed something. One day they were verdant green. The next day they were yellow and dying. I pulled most of them up. There are very few vines left. Oh well.
Because the tomatoes are going bananas!
And my squash? There's over a hundred blooms. What the hell do you do with that much squash? No clue.
The peas are finally blooming. The flowers are so pretty, I don't care if they ever make peas.
And the basil? Well, it keeps trying to go to seed. I keep picking off the blooms to stop it, but I think it's time to harvest. We'll see if it survives my vacation. I didn't get the dusting or the vaccuuming done. I changed the litter box, took out the trash and washed the dishes. That's as good as it's going to get before I leave. I'm so very tired and a long, long nap in the camper tomorrow afternoon is looking really, really attractive. Have a good week! Happy 400. And thanks for reading.


*Akilah Sakai* said...

Happy 400, Kate!

The garden, despite the possible spraying by a neighbor, still looks wonderful.

Enjoy your getaway!

-Peder said...

Happy 400!

Daisee579 said...

Happy 400! Here's to many many more!

And you and I prepare for a trip the same way. Hub writes a list of things to bring (I keep that one in my head) and I make a list of chores to do before we leave. He thinks it odd that I clean the house first, but I like coming home to a clean house. It's like a little surprise.

Enjoy your many trips and plans!!

carrster said...

Happy 400! Whohooo! Have an awesome time on your vacation. I'll give you a buzz when I figure out the crazy schedule....

buffalodick said...

Congrats on 400!

Sweetly Single said...

happy 400 babe!

I hope you have a great vacation

LiLu said...

Congrats on 400 babe! I wish your vacation was to DC...

Anonymous said...

The garden is looking awesome! Strong work.