I'm Home. And I Took Today Off To Rest Up From Vacation.

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My summer vacation.... No wait, that's my fifth grade essay. Ha! I spent three days camping with a bunch of friends near Lake Poinsett. This munchkin fell asleep in my coat the last night at the fire. There's nothing like snuggly, sleepy three year olds once they stop fighting to keep their eyes open. Then I drove up to the lake cabin. The fog in the mornings was beautiful.
I largely spent my days IN the lake. My sister wouldn't let me wear my bikini. She was horrified that I would wear such a thing in public. Seriously. So, here's the back up swimsuit. It ruined my tan. My sister's idea of vacation is to hike and bike and go to lots of places. My idea of vacation is to lounge around reading and knitting. She took my dad on a bike ride on Tuesday and Thursday, we all went to Itasca State Park to the headwaters of the Mississippi. She and my dad took a hike, while my grandma, mom and I went to the "Old Timer's Cabin." Look how huge the logs are! Then I posed for my mother in the hollowed out chair.
I'm really glad I didn't go on that hike. My sister said they ended up running the trail to get away from the mosquitos. I would have complained alot more than she did. Plus, I was wearing a skirt and I don't think I would have liked bites anywhere under it. So there. Sometimes it pays to be lazy.
Then we scored a wheelchair for grandma and trekked down to the headwaters.
We go here almost every year. I've walked across the Mississippi countless times. But I can't help it. I do it every time.
Sadly, my sister had to go back on Friday morning. The Brainerd International Regional Airport is very boring. And the TSA people were not amused that I picked up the microphone to say hello to my dad down the terminal.
Then I spent the rest of the day in the lake. And I had to take Monday off to recouperate. Plus, I'm violently opposed to going back to work on a Monday after a long hiatus.
*edit* Oh! Oh! Oh! I forgot to tell you the funniest thing! I forgot my print out of meetings, so thought I'd stop by the visitor's bureau in the town closest by the cabin and ask them if they knew when and where they were. I walked in a said I was looking for AA meetings. He said, "Whaaa?" And I said, "Alcoholics Anonymous meetings?" The response, "Economics meetings? Why would you go to an economics meeting?" And that? Is the question of the year!


Anonymous said...

Been awhile since I've been to one of them there economics meetings. I reckon I should go to one sometime...

Glad you enjoyed your time off.

*Akilah Sakai* said...

Happy you had a damn fine time, Kate. I love it when little ones get sleepy, too.

Did you really take over a mic at an airport?

Anonymous said...

"Economics meetings." Life in a small town...you have to love it.

buffalodick said...

Tell your sister to mind her own business when she makes you put on more clothes! I wouldn't have minded... he leered..

melissalion said...

I think someone should write a story on a town with no alcoholics. That must be a first, no?

Also, that vacation looked like fun.