"It's All Dancing Girls. And Parties." *

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Well, you all said if there weren't pictures of the Vegas Girls, it didn't happen. And there aren't pictures. Because it did not happen. Miss M started it. She texted Cowgirl on Saturday night and said she just didn't feel like it. Cowgirl texted me on Sunday morning when I was still sleeping and told me she had bailed. So I texted back, "I'm out, too." The plan was foiled by apathy and sleepiness.

BUT. I did get two very fancy dresses. One of which I wore to the symphony on Friday night. And I even bought ACCESSORIES to go with it. Gay Boyfriend is horrified by my lack of such things. Every time he tries to dress me, he clicks his tounge in dismay at my collection of dainty jewels. So, let it be known that I bought my fancy dress for $11.74. The ring was $4.75 and the necklace was $7.94. The accessories cost more than the dress. The flouncy Vegas Girls dress did not get worn this weekend, but I'm sure we'll come up with a reason to wear it one of these days. It was $14.95. I rock it in the clearance section. Had I bought all the things I bought at full price, I would have spent $202.64. See how awesome I am?

The symphony was dreamy. And Symphony Date did not disappoint. He is a gentleman through and through. And he constantly compliments me on my nice ass. Directly after the symphony, I went to Fight Night. And I sat on the floor, crosslegged in my fancy dress and jewels right in front of the television. Fight Night did not disappoint either. The second to the last fight? THERE WAS BLOOD EVERYWHERE! It was awesome! And it wasn't just dripping blood, I watched it SPURT out of this dude's head! Sigh. It was wonderful.

Onto the (not) Superbowl! There's always a poker game before the Superbowl around here. (That's what the Vegas Girls were all about.) And I don't play poker. These are like cutthroat poker players. They slaughter each other and take great joy in besting their age long friends. The buy in was only $15, but I still passed. I'd play if we weren't playing for real money. Buuuutttt... When one of the guys had to leave (To take a private jet to Denver for business. Ha! WHATEVER.) he just walked away from his chips and no one would sit down and play them, so I said I would. Because it's not my money. Right? They sort of gave me an on-the-fly tutorial, to which I responded, "It's like Yahtzee, then!" So they snickered and agreed with me. If there was some patting on the head, I didn't feel it, but it SO would have happened in that instance.

Well, suffice it to say, playing poker like it's Yahtzee has it's advantages because I came in third place and won $50. So take THAT pattersontheheaders! And I was the prettiest girl at the table. So what if other people said things like "Fold." And I said things like, "I don't want to play anymore." And other people said, "Check." And I said, "No! No! No! No more chips!" Interspersed with my exclamations of, "Look at all my pretty CHIPS!!! Look at them!" I am a winner and no one can take that away from me. Phht. Raspberries on all of you.

In between all this partying, it snowed seven inches and was slushy and icky out. But this morning, when I got up, it was sunny (!) and crisp (five below) and that is so much better than the drizzly, grey and soul sucking clouds. So, my mood just may be improving.

*If anyone knows where that quote came from, I'll send you a card in the mail, because it's from my favorite movie, ever.


artemisia said...

Oh, my, you play poker like I do. Only I will only play if it is a $.50 buy-in. And a $2 limit. Hee.

But I love to play! Ridiculous.

Also, love Yahtzee.

I wish there were pictures of you in your fancy dress at the fight. Also, I think it is awesome you like the fight, but I would have puked at the spurting blood. *gag*

artemisia said...

Oh, and Yay! You went out! You left the house.

How are you feeling?

BrianAlt said...

You played poker. So it *was* Vegas night!

There should have been pics! >:(

And you looked nice, so what's to hide?

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Sounds like you busted the K out of FUNK and had lots of FUN this weekend. I knew, with time, you'd come around. =)

melissalion said...

I wish I knew the quote. I like getting stuff in the mail. And I think gambling with other people's money is the right thing to do. Mainly because I'm cheap like that.

Ink Spiller said...

Awesome shopping and poker skills! What more does a girl need to get by in this world?

Rebecca said...

Dirty Dancing?
Mean Girls??

Rebecca said...

The Day After Tomorrow has this one "All dancing girls, wine and parties."

Kate said...

And that's it! You're the winnter. If you email me your address, I'll send you a card.

Kristen said...

I do not play cards. Ever. For any reason. Because I suck at cards.

The Pollinatrix said...

So is this date the same guy from the internet? It's going well then?

The first time I ever played poker, in fourth or fifth grade during an indoor recess, I got a flush and thought it was nothing because the cards weren't in order.

Kristin said...

Those are quite the deals lady. You are an excellent shopper! Did you get your bracelet btw?