Hey, Rockstars

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I'm not sure what got into me, but I didn't go to the gym at all last week. Part of it is that my partner in crime at my part time job resigned, and instead of hiring someone else, they assigned me ALL the clients. Which - I'm okay with. I wasn't getting the amount of hours I wanted anyway, but its forcing me to make some schedule readjustments. Another part is that I lost my focus of weight loss and fitness - enter the Cinqo De Mayo plate on the 5th of May and the fact that I had no groceries in my house. Eating at the hospital seemed like a really good idea.

Factoring into all that is my stupid broken leg and the swelling it has been doing when I've gone all hard core on it...

The last part is that I have PMS like nobody's business. Here's some entertainment. When I first got sober, I would get a bit crazy in the head, depressed, and anxious about once a month. My sponsor told me to start keeping track of my moods on a calendar. Turns out, I really do have PMS. I never thought I did. But then again, I was either drunk or hung over before, so who would notice, right? So today, I take that into account. I don't milk it or play it as something people should pander to, but I sure have to make certain that I've got my ducks in a row when it happens.

And well, it happened on this fitness venture of mine. But last night, I made a decision. (I'm all about making a decision.) that I wasn't going to quit. And even though I'd had peas, macaroni and cheese, and mini corn dogs for lunch, I was going to eat a decent dinner. Enter the veggie burger. I bought them at the funny grocery store. (Local Food Co-op.) On a homemade whole wheat tortilla with 2 T. of fat free cream cheese, a cup of romaine lettuce, and 1/4 cup salsa, and it was amazing! Pair it with an apple and all was good.
I even ate well this morning. A peanut butter sprouted grain tortilla with a banana. I should have eaten something before I went to the gym because I was starving by the time I got home. To the point of nausea. So, I spooned up some black beans, kidney beans, corn and salsa.

I ended up at my Recovery Mom's nursing school graduation party and then it kinda went to hell from there. They had mashed potatoes. (What? YUM!) and shredded beef. (But I passed on the bun so I could have mashed potatoes. YUM!) a ton of strawberries, a piece of sun dried tomato bruschetta, some cantaloupe, red and yellow pepper strips and then when I went back for more potatoes? I couldn't finish them. Which is the real success. Before, if I put it on my plate - especially at a potluck, I was going to eat it. But I felt full, I stopped. And that was that. I was done. No rice krispie treats. No pasta salad. I was done and I knew it. That's kinda cool? To know that I was done.
So tonight, I've got the ice pack on my bad leg and intend on going to the gym tomorrow to do lower body weights and run/walk for 2min/4 min until I reach my 5 K. I'm doing this thing. Slowly, but surely. I am. I'm going to be an athlete. With running numbers and PRs and BQs and all that crap. Because I can! I can. Slow and steady wins this race.


clearness said...

Your feet look so sad...cute little shoes and your poor leg all wrapped up in ice..........Hopefully we'll see your pretty painted toenails next week....Which make your feet look so happy

Jen said...

Good for you for sticking with it. I've dropped the ball a bit. Been eating way too much and way too bad, exercising is there, but it seems to not be enough. I think it might be time to seriously diet for while :(

MsDarkstar said...

I think what happens to so many people is that they fall out of their routine for a few days and then just throw up their hands and say "I blew it" and don't go back to their routine.

Fitness is a "one day at a time" thing. And if you blow a day, there's always tomorrow.

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Good for you! Way to go! This all sounds great - & the food even sounds tasty. :)

The Good Cook said...

I read that even on the biggest losers they eat a high calorie, anything they want the day after their weigh in's. It shocks the body and actually helps with weight lose for the rest of the week.

Don't worry about splurging every now and then, the trick is to get right back to the healthy eating plan. And knowing when you are done eating? That's an awesome feat!

Holly said...

Everyone does this. Unless they are secretly aliens from outerspace. Or barbie dolls.

My gym gals and other girlfriends joke that the reason we exercise is so we can eat. Whatever the hell we want! And we're not really joking. We want to be able to eat cake, drink a glass of wine, dip into to guacomole and enjoy life. So trips to the gym or runs outside are our balance.

And if you take a week off when you are PMS'ing that's OK. Because you will get back on the horse when your hormones are back in their rightful place and kick some butt.

artemisia said...

Man, you are doing much, much better than I in the food and gym department. Keep it up!

Also, do you still have hardware in your leg? I think I remember you telling me you did. Maybe it is time for it to come out?