Happy Feet Friday

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Kiki is posing for Happy Feet today.This is Dr. Ken. He was lost for the entire year we lived in NC. Turns out, he was mixed up in the blanket inside of Kiki's carrier. When I packed her up to move back to the Midwest, there he was. And she kissed and kissed and licked him like a long lost lover. He's still alive.
And he suffers from the disease of the loved. Wear and tear. Poor baby. I don't ever want to lose him again. Neither does Kiki.
I cooked tonight. It always makes me feel better when I'm "off." And I've been OFF. I spent the evening in the garden, staking up the peas because they've outgrown their tie hanger trellis, trying to train the squash to go up their Blair Witch Project trellis and in general, just hanging out on the swing with a book. The Secret Life of Bees, in case you were wondering.

This is a watermelon, tomato and arugula salad with a feta cheese sauce that I've been dying to try. You were supposed to make "rounds" of the watermelon with a glass, but I used my star cookie cutter because I thought it would be pretty.
Sliced tomatoes, watermelon, arugula and a cheese sauce made from feta, olive oil and hot water in the blender, topped with lots of salt and pepper. It was inordinately yummy.
But I'd definitely make it easier and less pretty next time by chunking the watermelon, dicing the tomato and just throwing the feta on it and drizzling olive oil with salt and pepper to make it into a container dish. I'm convinced it would be just as good that way, as it was with the elaborate preparation.
I'm really, really hoping for a beach day on Saturday. I need it.


artemisia said...

That salad looks great, and I do hope that it has lifted your spirits, as well.

Kiki's feet are ADORABLE.

Keep going, Kate. Keep going.

BrianAlt said...

Looks nice.

I'm not a big feta fan, though.

The Good Cook said...

I think you are right about the preparation, chunk it all and toss. Sometimes simple IS better - wait, most of the time simple is better.

Gardening is my therapy. There is something about being so close to earth, dirt, living, growing things. A real oneness. And of course weeding is my favorite violent activity.. I just name those weeds and yank away... LOL..

Yeah to beach days!!! The weather is supposed to be glorious here. Since it is Father's Day weekend, TBHITW gets to be pampered.

Whatever you end up doing, make it a good one for your soul!

kilax said...

Love the gato feet!

I saw the recipe for that salad somewhere and wondered how it was!

tracy said...

Awwwww, kitty feet, soooo adorable....and glad you found kitty's well-loved toy!

That salad looks sooooo good...! Yum!

buffalodick said...

I like cats- they don't care! I envy them for that ability...you can make a dog feel guilty, but not a cat!

Shelley said...

Kiki's reaction to Dr. Ken's discovery is so cute...what an "awww" moment.

Your salad sounds weird - watermelon??? Of course I will have to try it, lol - gives me a good excuse to buy a watermelon, anyway!

Hope you get to the beach!

The Pollinatrix said...

I love it - Happy Kitty Feet!

Dr. Ken makes me think of The Velveteen Rabbit.

How are you enjoying The Secret Life of Bees? I love that book and her other one, The Mermaid Chair.

Your salad looks awesome. You are The Green Goddess!

clearness said...

I was not hungry at all until I saw that salad.....looks amazing!

Summer said...

That salad looks great. I hope you get a beach day on Saturday too. Sounds like you need it. BTW I killed my tomato plants. I suck.

Anonymous said...

Cooking, especially baking, makes me feel better too when I'm off. And the beach of course! I could use a beach day too.

Tricia said...


Anonymous said...

drooling over the salad....yum.