Happy Feet Friday

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Peas! I have peas! REAL PEAS THAT I GREW!There may or may not have been quite a bit of squealing in the garden last night, followed by a mad dash downstairs for the camera.

And then I ate it.

Right off the vine.

And God said it was good. And it was SO.


Stop with the shouting, you say?

Fine. Did y'all know that I am going to Texas next week? I'm going to an international conference for drunks like me. On a bus. For like EVER. And then when I get there, I'm going to hop in the hotel pool and perhaps not ever leave my room.

Well. I have body guards. Shields, I call them. People I can lurk beside and behind until I warm up to things. And they will make me go out and face the populace. Because that's what I'm there for. VIVA THE REPUBLIC!

Oh wait, that's from Rome. I'm hooked on the DVD series. There's lots and lots of nudity. And sex. And blood. I like the blood.


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Congrats on the peas! And I think you're going to have a ball next week in Texas, no matter what you claim about your hermit ways. Cannot wait for the recap!

Malaise Inc said...

We planted some tomatoes and peppers in a stone planter I built a few years ago. The tomatoes are going wild, but are still green. And, I swear, if you watched you could see the banana peppers and jalapenos growing.

Whereabouts in Texas? I assume you are going down I-35. Wave as you pass through Norman.

justme said...

you will have an awesome time in TX...make sure you come out of your room for a bit anyway...i have a feeling it will be a blast! i can't imagine how good that pea was?

buffalodick said...

I like pea pods better than the peas!

The Good Cook said...

You crack me up. Is that the official conference name, "international conference for drunks like me"

If so, they need a new marketing approach! LOLOL..

By bus Kate? Are you insane? BY BUS.. have you not heard of this brand new invention called flying? Anyway, you will have a wonderful time - meet new people, learn new things and I bet, find out there are a lot of "just like you's" out there who are doing fine, beautifully even.

Now about that pea. Was that not the best pea in the world? Growing something yourself, nurturing it along, then savoring the goodness of it all - that is what life is about.

Anonymous said...

Those look like some delicious, organic peas!

I too am concerned about the bus. I don't know much about geography but I'm pretty sure you'll be bisecting the country. Is that true?

clearness said...

I'm still waiting on my tomatoes and my lone sugar snap pea plant that is currently growing.............

Anonymous said...

The only way I will eat peas is right off the vine. Great when I was a kid hanging out on my grammy's farm. Not so great now that I'm in the middle of a city. Sad face.

Jennifer said...

You just make me smile and laugh...you just do! I love that you are going to Texas! I love that you ate your peas straight off of the vine!

Ink Spiller said...

Oh my God Kate! Rome is the greatest series ever. I don't know how many times I've watched it and found new details in set. It's incredibly detailed.

James Purefoy (Mark Anthony) shouldn't be allowed out in the public. He should only be allowed at my house!

I wish we could watch it together, heh!

kilax said...

Your peas are beautiful! Wow! I wish I could just reach in to the picture, grab it, and eat it. Also raw!

Have a great time in TX!!!

Lemon Gloria said...

Yay, peas! Peas, edible peas! And not the falsely poisonous kind that I got you all alarmed about (very sorry about that)!

And yay for hotels and pools and people who will get you out to meet the populace!

Shelley said...

Welcome baby peas. Sorry your mom ate you. :)


And oh hey, I live 3 hours um, eastish of SA...so if you haven't had enough driving, come visit me!

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Mmmmm your peas look de-lish! Congrats!

MsDarkstar said...

I've done a roundtrip MSP to DC by bus in a weekend... Word to the wise... DO NOT SIT IN THE BACK. I know it SEEMS like a good idea. It BECOMES a very bad idea.

Y'all will have a wonderful time.

Interesting for me to see that you have other Texas readers, too!