Sit. Stay. Roll Over.

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Remember when I said I got a pre-release copy of a book to read? Well, it's by a fellow blogger and writer, Allie Larkin. And when I got that package in the mail, I felt a little thrill. (Well, a big thrill, but whose scale are we using?) I opened the package in front of Gay Boyfriend and he asked why I got a pre-release copy and I said it's because I'm an awesome blogger who gets to do cool stuff like that. Ha! I got to read something private. Private in that no one else was getting to read it but other people who agreed to receive a book and review it on their blog. I'm a reader. If there's anything that defines me, it is that. I may think I'm a writer in my more ego-driven moments, but I'm definitely a reader. And that needs no explanation. I gobble books. I have an eating disorder with books.

So I gathered up my usual apparatus; cigarettes, lighter, book, phone and Kool-Aid (It was Grape at the time, but now I'm on a Cherry kick.) and took to the swing in the backyard where all that is good in the world happens. I can't read a book with a cover on it, so that was dispensed forthwith and I had at it. And I read until I couldn't see anymore. Then I came inside and read some more. And I didn't finish it that night. I tried so very hard to keep my eyeballs open, but it didn't happen. And it did NOT get past me that the main character got drunk on Kool-Aid and vodka (Oh sweet, sweet Vodka.) and bought a dog off the internet. That was SO totally something I would have done while drunk.

But here's a few pictures of what I DIDN'T get done while I was finishing the book. Picking up cat toys. They had a blast. Having them all over the place.
I didn't make my bed nor wash the sheets. In fact, they may or may not have gotten washed in the meantime, but whatever. I live alone. Who cares?
And I most certainly did NOT put my laundry away. I'm a horrible person. Or something.
This is a captivating book. It held my attention. And not many books do that. I'll read a few chapters and then start another one, looking for THE ONE. Well, this was THE ONE. And I dispensed with other titles until it was finished. Fun. Romantic. I refuse to tell you anything more about the plot, because you have to read it yourself. A total summer read that I completely enjoyed. Go get it. I mean it. As a person who should make a profession out of reading books, this was a keeper.

And I may or may not have gone online looking for dogs after I read it.

Well. I did.

I don't have one.



Sparkling Red said...

I know what you mean about looking for THE ONE book. I tend to compulsively finish books if I've accidentally bought the wrong ones, but I do it resentfully. When I do find my Mr. Right of a book, I'll read it until my eyes won't focus anymore.

Now, a dog? Online? Wow! This could get veeeeery interesting!

Shelley said...

How very cool that you got the advance copy! Now I must read this book - has it been released yet?

Shelley said...

Well duh, I could have clicked on the link and answered my question! ::rolleyes::


Anonymous said...'re telling me I should read this book? Check and double check.

Also - are you talking about the dust jacket? 'Cause I totally take those off of books. I hope you're not ripping the front covers off of books!

The Good Cook said...

The whole time I was reading the book I kept thinking I should get another dog.. HA! Like the 105 pounder I have now is not enough.

Seriously - it was a good read. Nothing too heavy, a little melodramatic - but a good read.

I am currently reading The Last Stand. I love history.

TMC said...

I got one too! Loved it. : )

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I'm struggling through a book right now for book club. Maybe I'll reward myself with Stay, once I finish it.