Happy Feet Friday

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You get a kinda blurry picture this morning from 2066. I can't find my camera! It's been in my purse for like 2 months. And when I went to take the picture this morning, it wasn't there. Sigh. This getting ready to leave for 10 days is stressing me out. Big time. I was in tears over not having batteries for my flashlight last night. I had a total meltdown all over Cowgirl on the phone and then I told my Dad that I didn't even want to GO on vacation.

Obviously, I need one.

What if I can't find my camera?

This feels like too much. Seriously. It's just a freaking camera. It's somewhere in my house or my car, but I can't stop thinking about it.

I think I got booted from the Crazy Doctor too soon or something. If things don't turn around by the time I get back, I'm going to have to go see him. Because weeping at my desk every day is really not an option.


KT said...

A few days before our honeymoon in Africa, my husband realized that there was something wrong with his digital SLR camera. As in, we couldn't use it! Talk about stressful. We ended up having to buy another camera because we couldn't get the first one fixed in time!

Could you borrow a friend's camera for the trip?

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

If it makes you feel better, I turn into a raging bitch when I'm packing for vacations. I hate packing. And if my attention is broken, I inevitably forget something, so I get really cranky if anyone breaks my attention. Sweets has learned to clear out when I'm in vacation prep mode.

Point of that story? Vacations are supposed to be about relaxation and getting away from the real world. But, the reality is it's stressful trying to wrap up loose ends and pack and get your booty out of town. Just remind yourself how wonderful it will be once you're officially on vacation.

Malaise Inc said...

2066? Do we finally get the flying cars they've been promising us for, like, forever?

artemisia said...

Batteries have impeccable timing as to elicit tears. Really.

Hang in there - you will be so glad you are on vacation!

carrster said...

I turn into a nasty freak pre-vacation too. Ah, well. I hope you found your camera & I will see you soon!!

The Pollinatrix said...

You may be weeping at your desk, but at least you have pretty feet. Hope the blues pass soon.

Ink Spiller said...

I don't think you got booted too soon from the "Crazy Doctor", I think it's a transition.

I've done the same. It's like moments before you take that next big step on your own you have to have a big panic about it only to realize later that you are so capable and so rocking that you can handle the big step and the panic at the same time. Then you laugh a little at your own silliness and it feels good.

Look Kate! The light at the end of the tunnel is over there and it's much closer now. Keep heading towards it!

I'll be watching over you from the sidelines and cheering you on like some crazy soccer mum.

Kelly Hogaboom said...

Oh. I've obsessed over that kind of camera thing where I can't find something. I can relate (although I don't know if it's worse or less bad for you). I hope you find it OR find a new camera or just feel better soon!

rudecactus said...

So, what exactly is the future like?

Anonymous said...

Oh honey, I know the feeling of being so overwhelmed you don't even want the one thing that will help you get over it. You will love that vacation! Hugs.