Today is 8/9/10

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I know, I'm late posting. Whatever. It was a bazillion degrees yesterday and today is not much different. The weather is trying to kill me. If winter wasn't already planning to pick me off this year, summer's taking a good shot at it.

Here's my very first Lemon Boy tomato from my garden. I sliced it, salted it and gobbled it. And it was FANTASTIC. I'm starting to get stuff out for Vacation 2010. Dax likes to "help." In fact, he's no help at all.
Kiki just watches in disdain. Three people have asked me now if she's blind. Maybe she is? I wouldn't notice. She knows me and my habits and I know her and her habits, so I wouldn't pick up on it.
Saturday morning, we ran. It was run 8 minutes, walk 2 minutes and then do it 4 times. And well? Because of the RAW SEWAGE DUMP INTO THE RIVER last Wednesday and Thursday around these parts, the bike trails are closed. Because yanno, they FOLLOW the river. Which STINKS. But it didn't end up in my basment, right? So we ran the actual 5 K route and guess what? Just as we were starting the 4th set of the 8/2? I was at the FINISH LINE! It was incredible! I really CAN do this thing! It's a month from this Thursday. Wahoooooo!

So, I celebrated by stuffing my face with produce. As usual. Here's some more Lemon Boys and a summer squash from my garden.
And some leftover pizza sauce from my Eggplant Pizzas.
Cook the squash in the sauce for a bit.
And stack it on a whole wheat sandwich thin. Squash/sauce/mozzarella/tomato/salt and pepper. Pretty, huh?
And then I squished it into a sandwich and ate it all up. It very strangely kind of looks like an awkward Big Mac if you look at it the right way.
There was lots and lots of baby holding this weekend. Cowgirl's husband took the girls to the quarry for the day yesterday and of course that means I get Munchkin Number 3 all to myself and Cowgirl looked at me and said, "Well, if that's all you're going to do, I'm going to go read, take a nap and then a bath." And well? That was JUST FINE with me!


lacochran's evil twin said...

Dax is making sure your bag is properly anointed with cat hair.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Where were you during my vacation? I most definitely would've preferred to eat your version of a Big Mac over McDonald's version ... ugh!

Malaise Inc said...

No farmer's market update?

Sparkling Red said...

Aw, cute kitties!

I bet it didn't taste much like a Big Mac.

Anonymous said...

if i had the money....i might commission you to be my professional chef...and i mean that as the highest compliment....

being a 'chef' doesn't interest you?'re more into counseling/social services eh?

what a great gift...

Shelley said...

Your yellow tomatoes are so pretty!

Glad you got lots of baby-holding in. :)

The Good Cook said...

oh yum, yum and double yum.

And the running - woo-hoo!!!

kilax said...

Awesome job on the run!

We have a ton of Lemon Boys, but nothing grew (or, "is growing"). :(

Kelly Hogaboom said...

Garden tomatoes sliced and salted is one of the Best Things Ever.

So is holding new babies. I'd say you've got a good thing going on.

KT said...

Great job on the running and your veggies!!