Bloody Eyeballs

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The cherry tomatoes just keep coming! I go out every night and pick a handful of them. And every other day, I have to think of something to do with them. Pizza sauce this time.I grew this little onion, too. I only have one more left in the ground. I liked going out and picking an onion whenever I needed it. I'm sad that's over. I might have to grow more of them next year.
I blanched the tomatoes.
And then pulled their little skins off. Remember that peeled grapes halloween game where you thought you were touching eyeballs? It feels like that. EYEBALLS.
Bloody eyeballs.
Then I sauteed my onion and some garlic, put the tomatoes in there and smashed them with a potato masher. I added basil and oregano and the rest of the sun dried cherry tomatoes and peppers I made last weekend.
Then I put it in a ziplock.
And here it is all frozen this morning, next to the corn and the ice packs. A little bit of summer in the freezer. Whee!
In an unrelated note, I was reading Cooking Light last night and there was this article with pictures of exercises that you could do to strengthen your arms and back and darned if I didn't rip those pages out, grab some soup cans and do them right there on the spot. What? Who am I turning into?! Usually, I rip them out, put them in the "exercises I'll do someday if I ever get serious about it" and then six months later, I throw them away because I haven't even looked at them and the folder's getting full. I am baffled by this new trend in my life. Baffled, I tell you! This running thing is screwing up everything. Bwhahaha!


Shelley said...

Look at you, blanching tomatoes and doing exercises!!! I'm gonna call you Martha Stewart, yes I am!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Your non-stop supply of tomatoes reminds me of our CSA share last year ... we kept getting SO MUCH of certain vegetables ... we didn't know what to do with them ... and some wound up going to waste. At least you are making a good faith effort to utilize all you produce! I'm impressed!

clearness said...

If you have way too many to do stuff with, you can put a little shelf on your curb that says 'free veggies'. One of our neighbors did this over the summer and I was so thrilled every single time I came over the hill and saw his little cart next to the curb. He always had tomatoes and cucumbers.

Sarita said...

Kate, you amaze me. Your success is almost enough to make me want to start a veggie garden next year. Relia is always happy to help pick, and eat cherry tomatoes.

carrster said...

Wow! That looks great! What a fabulous idea. Yum.

The onion is so cute!