Happy Feet Friday

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Remember these babies? Homemade felted slippers by my mom. Happy Feet, indeed! It's getting cold around these parts at night. I had the windows wide open with five blankets on last night! Sooooo snuggly. My favorite kind of sleeping weather.

My trip to the dentist was not all butterflies and rainbows, I tell ya. It was awful. Pure horribleness. My dentist has the misfortune of having me as his patient, but he's nice to me anyway. I am immune to normal doses of novocaine. He gives me enough for an elephant and even that doesn't work sometimes. Here's how it all went down. Shot, shot, shot. Drill. Squeals from me in the chair. Shot, shot, shot. Drill. Me, coming off the chair exorcist style. Shot, shot, shot. Then he says, "Kate. I'm just going to go for it. Won't be but a minute." BAM. Holy god. My body was as tense as a board. I have fingernail marks on my palms. Talk about a work out. But it's over and I was exhausted the rest of the day. I finally felt like I could eat something around 4 p.m. and I was STARVING! Imagine me trying to squish tiny bits of beef stew into my offended mouth, drooling all over myself and making a horrible mess. That was the funny part.

The not so funny part is that it costs me $500 for a crown. And sadly, I have been saving for two other teeth that we thought would need it first. They will need it soon. Have I mentioned how much I hate money? The last check of the month pays the rent, my car payment, my medicine and a few groceries. I seriously have $30 left after making a $200 payment to my dentist. Sigh. And I want new running shoes. And it's getting cold and what do people run in when it's cold? I haven't figured that out yet. All those so-called performance wear shirts are over $50. Running tights aren't far behind. I'd like some suggestions from the peanut gallery on how to layer for winter running. 'Cause it's coming fast and I'm afraid my yoga pants aren't going to cut it much longer.


Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Glad to hear your tooth is fixed, even though it means a temporarily broken bank account. boo.

Running in the cold ... I think you'd be surprised what a hat and gloves/mittens will do for your running. When your extremities are warm, the rest of you warms up, too. Other than that, I used to wear a fleece vest over long underwear and a heavier shirt ... and usually one or two pairs of pants with elastic around the ankles, so wind wouldn't rush up my legs. I never bought anything fancy and always did just fine.

Sparkling Red said...

I once decided to have a tooth filled without any novocaine because I hate needles so much. Next time I went back for another tooth, I accepted the needle! Un-numbed dentistry is no fun.

Maybe if you go to sleep with a note under your pillow the tooth fairy could help you out with that dental bill?

Anonymous said...

tights are worth the splurge for running. When it's really cold, you can even put your yoga pants on top. I found mine on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods. You probably have a similar place by you. WIth the tops, I found lots of those tech shirts on sale at various places - Target, Kohl's, and Dick's were some of my favorites. I started with a sleeveless or short sleeve top, then layered on a couple of long sleeved ones, and then if really cold, a light coat or light fleece thing. Definitely agree with Nilsa on the hat and mittens - those I got cheap at Target (like the $1 ones!). Some days, half way through the run, I'd take off the mittens or a couple of layers and other days, it all stayed on :)

Whoo hooo and good luck with the running!!!

(and sucks about the dentist)

Back said...

Ice breaker wool. It's a splurge but so much better than that crap performance fiber. Merino wool!

Shelley said...

I layer - the vest is a good idea. Gloves, too - of course, my cold is nowhere near your cold, but these are hopefully some things you already have.

carrster said...

I HATE the dentist with a passion. I totally "feel your pain." I usually end up with fingernail marks on my palms after a normal check up. I'm such a wimp. This time I had to be all brave because Dahlia was with me. Ay yi yi!!

Lemon Gloria said...

Love the slippers!

I've gotten good things at TJ Maxx, although for the most part I don't get high tech running stuff but I layer like crazy. And a hat or fleece headband makes a big difference for me.

kilax said...

You poor thing! I wish I could have been there to hold your hand. Although, I am sure you would have been squeezing it tight!

I hate money too :(

Cold running is all about layering. And the rule of thumb is to dress as if it's 15-20 degrees warmer. For example, it was in the low 50s yesterday, and I wore a shirt and shorts to run. I don't start wearing those $50 Under Armour long-sleeved tops until it's about 25ish... And unfortunately, those ARE the best. Target sells some, but they are not as thick, and won't keep you as warm. I wear tights under my pants when it gets in to the teens and single digits :)

Jen said...

I, on the other hand, love money, wish I had more of it ;)
Love those slippers, they look comfy and perfect for this weather. My favorite sleeping weather is also chilly with a ton of blankets.
Running in this weather? I have no experience with running in the cold. During winter I would go to the gym... who knows, maybe this year I'll experiment and get some pointers from you.

Meigan said...

My hot chili tights usually work just fine for winter runs, but I did invest in a pair of thermal running pants for the really, really cold days. They're wonderful. Warm socks!! And a thermal t-shirt for the cold cold days.

But remember the 20 degree rule - I still forget it and dress too warmly sometimes.