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Internet, there are no feet today. I mean, I have feet and they're fine, but there's no picture. I don't feel like it. I promise this will change if I ever get internet back at my house. And if that doesn't happen by the time the snow flies, please come visit me in prison because there will have been a homo-cide via shovel at my house.
(That was funny. Like seriously funny. HOMO-cide. Get it? Gay Boyfriend? Hit upside the head with a shovel? Please tell me you get this pun. I am rarely very punny.)
I have no plans for the long weekend. I called Cowgirl last night and said, "I want to get in some trouble." And she said, "Call Tom." So I called Tom and said, "I want to get in some trouble this weekend." And he said, "What kind of trouble?" And I said, "Well, you know me. The kind of trouble where I do something NOT in my house. Like leave the premises for a few hours or something." And well. He was completely unhelpful. So I called Cowgirl back and said, "Tom told me he was a retired troublemaker. Thanks for nothing." And she said, "Fine. I'll drum something up." So, I'm waiting. For my trouble.
It better be fun.
Or I'm going to prison for nothing.



clearness said...

Maybe next Friday I can guest post feet photos for you. I'll take a couple of Joey's feet and maybe someone can tell us what is going on with his foot and why it's hurting him. So far the doctors are mystified.

Malaise Inc said...

And here I was hoping to see your running sneakers.

Anonymous said...

have 'fun' trouble
where no one gets injured

and yes, that was a good pun ar ar ar :)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I thought that pun was hilarious ... after you explained it ... I'm on a pun-vacation!

Have a great time getting into trouble this weekend, Miss Thang!

MsDarkstar said...

I got your pun without the explanation AND thought it was funny!

Hope you find some trouble this weekend. Just enough, not too much!

The Good Cook said...

Good Pun. TBHITW (who was a master of the pun) would have given you a thumbs up. Actually, he would have given you a sideways glance and said, "that was pretty good".

And then you would have said, "why thanks, you know, every now and then..."

And then he would have said, "I've taught you well young padiwan".. because he STILL couldn't believe that he didn't think of that.


Go get into some good trouble.

Sparkling Red said...

Here's a plan: order a Bubble Gun.
Take it out in public and blast it randomly around large groups of people and children. This is guaranteed to cause happy mayhem.

Jen said...

I got the pun. I loved the pun. That pun was good. Have fun! ;)