The Day Before Thanksgiving

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Okay. I'll stop shouting, but seriously. That's all I can think about! Baby Z is coming to me!!!!!!
Also, I think this opt-out scanning thing at the airport is a bunch of crap. Your airline ticket is like what? $500? That's an awful lot to pay to get felt up. I'm pretty sure you could get it done cheaper elsewhere.



Tay Talk said...

What I would give to be holding a baby. Sorta baby-hungry, don't mind me. ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!

And yeah...I'm with ya on the airport screening. I mean really, isn't their x-ray-practically-see-you-naked scanner enough?

Safe travels! And have a great Thanksgiving :)

Anonymous said...

Baby! I'm sure Mom Z and Dad Z are going to be very excited for you to hold the baby too.

Malaise Inc said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Kelly Hogaboom said...

ENVIOUS. OK, have a wonderful time!

Shelley said...

Ahhhh, BABY. Enjoy!

Sparkling Red said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that I could get felt up for free, without waiting in a long lineup for the privilege.
Happy Trails!

Anonymous said...

when these stories started budding...i heard of some fella who gladly opted to strip intstead of getting the pat down to prove a point...what point i'm not sure...but i like his 'gung-ho' style i guess ;)