She's Back In Business

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So, Gay Boyfriend informed me last night that, "We have the internet back on." And I was all, "WHAT?! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!" And he was all, "Because I knew you'd freak out." OMG!!!! INTERNET! I ran downstairs with my mind racing. Should I watch Glee or Celebrity Rehab first? Facebook! I can't see blog photos at work usually, I should go back through everyone's archives! Hanta Virus! Scabies! Cholera in Haiti! The hidden volcano under Yellowstone! The world is at my fingertips! And well, it was just too many choices, so I checked my email, tried to watch Glee, but I have books to read now and cooking to do and well? Maybe my obsession has lightened a bit. I would call that a good thing. But still! INTERNET! At HOME! With slippers and hot chocolate! I'm baaaa-cckkkkk!
In other news, I pride myself on being able to google anything I want to find, but I am being unsuccessful. Anyone want to help? I'm looking for a website that will let you build recipes and it will spit back out it's nutritional profile. Obviously, I want this to be free. Anyone?
AND! I'm going running tonight. So there.


KT said...

Oh that is exciting!

I have used in the past. The site is free (you do have to register), but you can input your meals to figure out how many calories you ate in a day AND you can build your own recipes to figure out the calorie count.

Have fun running tonight!

Cello Mama said...

I use the recipe builder on the Weight Watchers online ALL the time. True, it's not free, but I thought you had signed up? It doesn't give you total NI, just the points/serving, but that's all I am mostly focused on right now.

I think (also free) may have a recipe calculator, too, but I'm not sure.

clearness said...

I was going to suggest the livestrong website but someone has already suggested it.

I want to find the recipe to make Maggiano's Chicken and Spinach Manicotti (while they call it manicotti, it uses NO manicotti shells, just a homemade crepe) Think you or one of your readers can help me with my recipe problem? I've googled till my fingers bled.

Helen said... has a recipe calculator. It's the one I use. Love it because it actually lets you pick your own custom ingredients - i.e. exactly the brand you use - for your recipe. It also makes other members ingredients available as well as a general nutritional database. Takes a bit of input but it's so worth it once you've developed your lists of favorites.

Summer said...

I was going to say Spark, but I was beat to it. :) I like the WW recipe nutrient calculator better, but it isn't free.

Anonymous said...

The internet is amazing. I love it. Google the Congo and tell me what you find. I'm reading A Thousand Sisters right now and it's about the Congo. I want to know more!

Lemon Gloria said...

I can't spend much time thinking about supervolcanos or I get myself 37 kinds of freaked out and sure we're going to all boil in lava and die, like, tomorrow.

Shelley said...

YAY FOR TEH INTERWEBS!!! Very happy for you. :)

Hope you have a great run!

Can do mom said...

Welcome back to surfing the net in slippers and pjs! :)

I'm sitting in my living room with my laptop on my lap just surfing, reading blogs, drooling over soft pastels (art supplies) and more.

Enjoy your new luxury!

Sparkling Red said...

Hey, congratulations! There's nothing like doing without for a while to make the simple things in life seem like magic miracles.