Happy Feet Friday

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It's boot weather around here from now on. These are old, but trusty. And sexay. Or something like that. I experimented in the kitchen last night. The lentils? Perfect. I used black French lentils and they were yummy. I expect to dice up some onion, red pepper, maybe some cauliflower and broccoli and toss that into a warm bowl of lentils this weekend. We shall see what happens to them.

I also attempted a lemon tahini dressing. I seriously followed the directions. (I don't usually.) And well? It was really yucky. In the end, all I could taste was the olive oil. Blech. Not a winner. And sadly, I had high hopes for it being the dressing I'd toss with the lentils. There will be some googling going on today for an alternative.

But the winner was what I have termed Banana Soup for my breakfast this morning. I had two frozen bananas in the freezer and have been contemplating a use for them. So I whirled one up with some almond milk, a big scoop of protein powder, a small scoop of chia seeds and a teeny handful of chocolate chips. It got thicker overnight - that's what the chia seeds do. And then I plopped a handful of Kashi Go Lean Crunch in there and voila! Banana Soup!

In other news, it is the weekend. And I am very excited to sleep in tomorrow morning. Yeah!


Helen said...

Me too, on the sleeping in!

And, based on where you live, I'd say YOU are the badass. At least for the winter!

Malaise Inc said...


Kristin said...

You are so creative in the kitchen. I wish I was!

Shelley said...

Mmmmm, banana soup. :)