The Will To Win At Winter II

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We were snowed in all weekend! It was glorious! I know, I complain about winter on this blog quite a bit, but the first serious snow of the winter is something to enjoy like the five year old in my heart wants me to. It still hadn't done much by Friday night, but hooo baby! When I woke up on Saturday morning, it was snowing and blowing; the kind where you can hardly see the house across the street. Gay Boyfriend and The Janitor (A new addition to our house. He rents the extra bedroom upstairs with Gay Boyfriend. He's older, quite funny, likes to sit and cross stitch and he's a neat freak, which is a good thing for slobby GB.) were making cappuccinos in their pajamas and trying to decide which movie to start with for the day, so I joined them. But after twenty minutes of The Big Gay Musical, I knew that the likelihood of me being able to spend the day with two flaming gay men watching gay movies, without me stabbing someone was slim to none.

So, I did like every good Midwesterner. I showered up, loaded up my backpack, bundled to the hilt ala Dennis Quaid in The Day After Tomorrow, and hit the streets to Dog Girl and Dog Boy's house. Now, they are on my 5K running route. They are approximately a mile and a half away. I run to their house, have some coffee and then run back home. In every season but this one, apparently. There was no running. The wind was so strong and silly me, I thought walking by the hospital would be a good idea - with all the big buildings to protect me. Um, no. The wide open parking lots were tunnels for the wind and snow. I had to stop about four times to clear the condensation off my goggles and there was a lot, A LOT of trudging through the thigh high drifts. But strangely, I never once contemplated turning around. I had a destination! I was going to Win at Winter! And I did. I arrived at their sparkly Christmas lighted house shortly before I could no longer feel my thighs. We spent the morning guzzling coffee, gossping, playing with the dogs, watching bad tv, listening to Christmas Carols, and just hanging out. Dog Girl laments her cooking skills and has repeatedly asked me to teach her how to make some new things, and what a perfect opportunity, right?

So, she cleaned her driveway and we set out in her all wheel drive car and we went to the store. Like the other five hundred idiots in Sioux Falls. I mean, it's blizzarding out, right? There's a travel advisory for driving IN TOWN and the grocery store was PACKED! Midwesterners are gluttons for punishment, yanno. Also, we don't like people to tell us what we can and cannot do. Then we stopped by my house and I grabbed my knitting basket, because what's a good snow day without spinster knitting? I taught Dog Girl how to sautee onions, the difference between using minced garlic and garlic powder, how to drain your hamburger, and what it means to "eyeball" your spices as we whipped up my Grandma's chili and simmered it all day in the crockpot. We had a grand time in the kitchen and then I knitted scarves for her two dogs. (I know. But I did. They have a schnauzer and a schnoodle. They needed them.) Dog Girl took me home about 7 and the knitting continued. And the reading. And the slippers and hot chocolate.

Sunday morning? Still snowing. Still blowing. Roads are pretty much impassable and who shows up at my door? Dirty Ben. In his snazzy SUV. He takes me to a meeting. Boy Crush took me home in his Very Large Truck, and I knitted ALL DAY LONG. I kid you not. I had been hemming and hawing over Christmas gifts for my mom and dad. They have way too many books in their "to read" pile, and they are my parents. They HAVE everything they want. They don't have to budget for things like teeth and running shoes and toilet paper. They just go out and get what they need/want when they need/want it. So, I eyeballed my extensive stash of yarn and got to work. Dad's is a very fuzzy brown. Mom's is a muted colorwash of greens, blues, purples and peaches in a cream base. Baby Z is even getting an electric rainbow looking one. It was a wonderful day.

And then I talked to The Farmer for an hour. Someone I met online. And I didn't immediately despise him. That is a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great day! Also, I'm pretty sure you could die of snow if you're in it for more than a minute. Basically, that you survived a mile walk in the snow makes you part eskimo. True.

Helen said...

So that storm that brought you snow, brought us torrential, flooding rain. Also a very good excuse to stay in. Therefore, my to do list is down to "baking." YAY!

Malaise Inc said...

After you put all those layers on, could you put your arms down?

Shelley said...

Aw, reading this post made me smile! So glad you embraced the snow and had such a wonderful weekend!!!

(and of course the dogs needed scarves...hello, they like to stay warm and look good doing it!)

Jen said...

Wow, you walked there!? I walked over to a Christmas open house party I had on Saturday in the rain, with an umbrella of course, but it wasn't that cold.
It snowed here too, a LOT, it was still sort of snowing this morning. At this point I'm just counting the days to go to Miami, two more to go!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I love being snowed in on weekends! Sounds terrific!

clearness said...

Have you ever posted a photo of gay boyfriend? I'd like to see him in all his glory. Flamboyant.