The Good and The Bad

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The good news is: I still don't hate him.

The bad news is: I think he's a Republican.

The good news is: I laughed a lot.

The bad news is: He told a lot of bad jokes and is fairly homophobic.

The good news is: He seems like a really, really nice man.

The bad news is: He has his children the next two weekends and then has a trip planned the following weekend. That's like a month.

The good news is: I had a good time.

And that's good enough news.

In other news, there is NO WAY I should be driving at night while wearing my contacts. Also? I cannot read or use the computer with them in. I guess they are only for running.


The Good Cook said...

The good, the bad, the ugly (republican?)... oy ee vay.

Shelley said...

Sounds like he's good practice for dating.

Jen said...

This sounds like good news to me! :)

clearness said...

So is he the yen to your yang or too much yang for your yen?

Malaise Inc said...

Meh. If you have two people who think and believe the same things, you don't need one of them.

The operative question isn't whether he disagrees with you, but whether he can remain respectful while disagreeing with you.

CatKrny said...

He's a South Dakota farmer; I would be surprised if he weren't a conservative, republican homophobe. I bet he doesn't believe he's ever even had a conversation with a gay person. Lack of exposure. I am from a Northwest IA farm - same situation. Music and education opened up the world and my mind.

Mamie said...

1. You looked super-cute in the photo in your last post.

2. This sounds just like the list I would have made about a guy I was dating 4 years ago (him being the things on your list and me being a liberal "intellectual" with my own gay boyfriend). Well guess what? It worked out... we've been together ever since, married for 8 months. It IS all about respect and openness. So don't hesitate to give him a real chance! :)

Anonymous said...

What?!?? Dump him!!

I am kidding.

I agree with Malaise -- two people shouldn't have the same points of view on everything. And he made you laugh. Was he handsome?

And smart?

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Glad you had a fun time. Though, I never would've known based on his paper profile (a homophobic Republican who's rendered unavailable for the next three weeks). =)

artemisia said...

Heh - think he's a republican! That always instills me with fright, too!

I have dated a couple of Repubs, but homophobes get the boot pretty quick.

Although, we are all much more complex than a what can be picked up on during a first date. If you had a good time, see if you feel like having a good time again in a month and go from there.

Also, contacts kind of suck. I suffer through them for I sooooo love me some peripheral vision, but they feel like glue most of the time.

Lemon Gloria said...

What CatKrny said. He probably hasn't had any exposure.

I'm glad you had fun and laughed a lot.

Personally, I much prefer glasses. I like how they look. I haven't owned contacts in years.

Sarita said...

I find being with a Republican to bring a lot of balance to our relationship. He's taught me a thing or two, and vice versa.

Kristen said...

I don't know. The homophobia doesn't sound too good. Maybe give the dude a chance though. It's only just the first date.

KT said...

Are you both too busy to see each other during the week?

I can only imagine how many Repubs are in your neck of the woods....