Portland? I Love You

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Oh Portland! I will tell you about the hotel and the conference later, but here's the quick and dirty. We ate at Blueplate on Friday for lunch. It was on the Food Network, so of course I had to go. The Food Network is the only TV I watch, right?
Traveling Companion and I wandered around in Portland on Friday afternoon, after the conference. Look what we found! Hung Far Low! We just didn't realize that at the time, we had walked through a not so nice area of town. At one point, I turned to Traveling Companion and said, "I think maybe we should walk a little farther inland, no?" Apparently, we were under the bridge where all the drug deals take place. But the sad part was, when I saw this sign, I pointed and burst into quite a loud peal of laughter. This poor man, obviously homeless and not quite in his right mind, whipped around and started shouting, "Shush! Shh! Stop it! Stop it!" And he'd turn around after a couple more steps and say it again. He must have thought I was laughing at him and I felt horrible. Totally horrible. Can you imagine being possibly mentally ill and having someone from behind burst into laughter? Of COURSE he thought it was about him. Terrible. I felt terrible. But still. The sign.
There were flowers in Portland in Febrary. FLOWERS, INTERNET! FLOWERS! Like blooms and color and greenery and growth and WHAT? FEBRUARY?
We hooked up with Melissa Lion on Friday night. She came past the hotel after work and the minute she drove up, I started squealing and she stepped from the car and I hugged her with the biggest New Life hug that I had in me. She was lovely. She was everything I thought she would be. She was EXACTLY like I thought she would be. You know, this blogging thing - you can get caught up in how someone might be, based on what their blog is like, but she was so real. So, so real. And well? I am in love with her, so Fancyhats is going to have to watch out.

She took us to the Ace Hotel. It used to be an hourly deal, but now it's a fancy re-done place with hard wood and this lovely lounge.
Because, we LOUNGED on the big couch upstairs. (Lookit! We're both wearing boots!)
Some funky statue in the park. Elephants!
We tried to go to Voodoo Donuts. There was a long line. So we didn't actually HAVE a mysterious Voodoo Donut, because we had somewhere else to go...
H & M! This is Traveling Companion's and Melissa Lion's original Portland H & M experience.
We may not drink, but we can wear drink glasses.
Melissa and Fancyhats took us to a tiny little taco place on Saturday and this was across the street. It's a rebuilding store. Anything you can take out of a house, you can donate and they will resell it. It was huge! Almost four blocks long and three blocks wide. It was amazing. And here's the sculpture that makes up the front door. So beautiful and creative. A tree, made of building parts.

Saturday night, we went to a lovely little pizza place near Melissa's house. More about the food another day, but look at us. LOOK AT US! Look at the smiles and happy in February! I hardly ever smile in February. Thank you, Universe! Thank you for Portland. And for Melissa Lion and Fancyhats and Archie. And well? Thank you. I am still smiling.


Helen said...

It made me smile, too.

Summer said...

You are both just darling! Looks like a good time was had.

melissalion said...

That was a perfect post! Except you didn't mention the plague books. PLAGUE BOOKS.

I just want you to move here and I think if I keep bringing up the PLAGUE BOOKS you'll realize you belong here.

Shelley said...

Well, now I must hear about the PLAGUE BOOKS.

Looks like you had a wonderful trip. So happy for you!

Jen said...

Great trip, love the smiles! :)

clearness said...

I am starting to think that Melissa Lion gets around. Tell me Melissa.....do you get around? Cause it seems like just Yesterday!! that Crissy from queen of F... everything was blogging about you.

KT said...

Looks like you are having a great time! I can't believe that Portland already has flowers!! So jealous.

melissalion said...

Hi Clearness:

It would appear that I do. But I just consider it my good fortune that I have two dear friends who I met through blogging. K8 came to me, and Crissy I visit annually when we go back east to visit our family for holidays.

I wish I got around more!

carrster said...

Yay!! I love meeting internet friends & exploring new places. So great to see your big smile in February!! (or anytime...)

Can do mom said...

Whoa! Such fun! Okay, I need to get out more because Portland looks like a seriously fun town to visit. I dream of getting lost in Powells bookstore.

Keep smiling, spring is on the way!

clearness said...

Just because they both love you so much Melissa Lion.....I think you're pretty awesome.

melissalion said...

Clearness, thank you! What a great moment in my day. I appreciate that.