Happy Feet Friday

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Have you seen my fancy boots? They are so awesome. Already worn in. Already wearing out. And in case you can't tell, there are rainbow peacocks on them. I got them at an estate sale for twenty five smackers. Gay Boyfriend was seriously irritated that they fit me and not him. They are awesome. I think I've transitioned to South Dakota now. Maybe.

In other news, I'm reading books on eating more raw foods. Particularly this one. Now, I'm no food nazi. I like all kinds of foods and will continue to eat all kinds of food. But I would like to incorporate more simple and healthy foods and raw is the way to go for that, I think. I felt so much better last summer when I was basically eating out of my garden every day. How do you incorporate more of that in the winter months? You know me. I google and research and combine this and that and end up with my own recipes and lifestyles. I think I'm in the research and experimentation stage.

With that said, I'm here to tell you that this Green Monster thing? Not convinced. I whizzed up a bunch of kale with water and a banana this morning. And well? No. That's not going to work for me. I choked down about half of it before I gave up. That's still probably a whole cup's worth of greenery in my tummy. But, no. More experimentation and suggestions needed. Please leave links and comments if you have any suggestions.

New Life Mom and Dad are coming tomorrow. And I'm so excited!


Helen said...

As much as I like the various items that tend to go into those green shakes, I am so not a fan of drinking over chewing. So no suggestions from me.

Love those boots. Somehow they seem so "you."

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Love the boots! Wish I had advice for how to make the winter like summer. I think you feel better in the summer because you're eating out of your garden AND you're more active AND you fill up on your vitamin D. But, maybe you could start canning or otherwise preserving some of your summer favorites, so you can enjoy them in the winter, too.

Jen said...

Cool boots!!!
I'm not into veggies or raw food, so can offer no advice, but good luck!

The Maiden Metallurgist said...

I'm seriously lusting after those boots!

Ew from me on the green monster. During the winter I eat a lot of salads (boring) and fruits (not boring). I do feel bad eating fruit and veg from Venezualea or Chile or wherever, but I'm also not willing to live on potatoes alone to get through the winter months eating locally.

Summer said...

I love these boots. That is all.

Malaise Inc said...

My first thought when I saw you were writing about a Green Monster was that I didn't know you were a baseball fan. Imagine my disappointment when I figured out you were talking about something else altogether.

carrster said...

Wowsa! I love those boots!

Hmmm, the kale/banana thing....wouldn't do it for me either. Yikes.

I don't know how to eat fresh in the winter. Luckily there is a hothouse in Superior that grows THE BEST tomatoes...but other than that....it's tough!

Anonymous said...

I've seen those boots in person and ZOMG.

I think green shake juicy things are just wrong. And will make your tummy upset. Why not blueberries? Frozen blueberries are the greatest processed foods ever.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

When I read "Green Monster" I thought it was about baseball. What was I thinking?!

Love that you can rock those boots!

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

@Malaise Inc

Who's your team?