I'm Still Alive

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I'm still here. My NEW LIFE blog has been kind of morbid. It's where I have been and it's not who I am anymore. I'm not sure I'm ready to let go of it, but it's time. If you want to follow me elsewhere, please do. I enjoy the relationships I've made on this blog, but it doesn't represent who I am anymore.


Give it a try. We'll make it. I will make it. I know I will.


Jen said...

I've been thinking of you lately, wondering how might you be doing. I'm glad you're still around and of course I'll follow your garden :)

Malaise Inc said...

I was thinking of checking in with you, but didn't really want to invade your privacy. I am glad you have moved into a new part of your life.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're moving forward. See you in the garden.

Spilling Ink said...

Woohoo! It's great to see a sign of life from you Kate but een better to hear that you are movong on.

I've missed you, I won't lie. All the best for the future!

Eddie Red said...

Thanks for keeping up your blog. I enjoy reading your writing. Check out the New Life House website if you are looking for help. New Life House - A Structured Sober Living

Cheryl Zelenka said...

Our Lord was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. I am sorry for your pain.

I don’t know if you suffer from insomnia like I do but I hope this song
comforts and soothes you

I have an encouragement blog you might want to visit some time. I had clinical depression for years due to an undiagnosed brain tumor that nearly killed me last year. I wish you peace and joy. God does not want us to live the rest of our lives in sorrow. He does want us to feel joy. We were not meant to live a lifetime of winters.

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jasmine nile said...

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