Reform Friday

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It's Friday! Yippee! And I have no plans for any of it! Even more fun! I might take a nap. Or a drive. Or cook something fabulous and have people over. I might even read one of the books on my never-ending "must read" list. There's never enough time to read....

I'm going to "Choreography Challenge" at the gym tomorrow morning. Somthing Britney Spearsish I'm hoping. The instructor we had for strippercize kept telling us to unleash our inner "ho." I had trouble not giggling, much less acting sexy. I always thought the "women only" gyms were just a ploy for membership, but I tell you what. I LOVE IT! It's all about me when I'm there. Sure, there's the girl that runs for two hours on the treadmill without looking hot or sweaty, or the other gal with the rock hard abs, but then there's women there that look just like me - kind of okay, but lumpy in areas and definitely not strong. I don't feel judged there at ALL. Not that I thought I was judged at other gyms before, but there's something freeing about it all.

Rarely do I wax political or philosophical outside of my comfort zone, but the surgeon I work for (who is somewhat of a left-wing extremist, which I love) brought this article to me to read this morning. It says all the things I think about health care. As someone who was facing serious medical bankruptcy three years ago for a series of events entirely beyond my control, I say "Yes!" to healthcare reform. The problem is; that when I say yes to it, I have no clue what it would look like after reform. So, I stay out of the discussion because I don't know what options for change really exist. So there. All I know is that I work for a health system that doesn't pay me enough for me to pay my co-pays and deductible each year without debt - WITH the health insurance they provide me. There's something wrong with that. But then again, not everyone is as sick (in the head) as me.