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It's 20 below today! And that's not even with the wind. Oh, the pleasures of living in the Midwest. Yippee! I broke out the extra warm, makes you feel like you can't move, crackle, crackle, down coat. It's been in hibernation since camping in the Smoky Mountains (brrr!). I looked absolutely festive in my pink and purple scarf, red and black coat, blue leather gloves and brown furry hat. I'm a rock star, I just know it. Sadly, I couldn't move to take a picture. You'll just have to do it in your head.

My co-worker left for Cancun this morning. Grrr.... I'm on camping reservation patrol, though. On Friday, we can make reservations for Memorial Day Weekend! The thought warms my soul!

And my always willing, never hesitating to make unsolicited suggestions Gay Boyfriend, decided I needed a hair make-over on Sunday. I like it. He says we're going shopping for some more colorful clothes another day. Apparently I need a lot of help :)


carrster said...

I am SO SICK of the cold! This winter can kiss my rear because I'm over it!!

I dig the new look! Very nice. :)

Kate said...

I'm sick of the cold, but if it would snow more, I would be more tolerant, you know?