Blast from the Past

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I was on the funeral home website to find out when a funeral is, and guess what I found?

Jason's Obituary

Why on earth would they still have that up two years later?

Nevermind the reason why I felt the need to look.


Shania said...

I only know you through the little I've had time to read of your blog, and I hope this doesn't cause you pain, but I'm offended that you weren't mentioned in the obit. You were his fiance, right? My indignation probably stems from some long ago slight in my own life, but still.

Kate said...

I choose not to be offended, you know? His family chose not to believe that he was still drinking and the statement I gave the police was quite candid. They didn't like that I was so "honest."

Holly said...

I must go back and look through your archives. With that said, it is too bad that some people choose to look away from the truth instead of facing it head on and working with it. Does that sound about right?

Duchess said...

I just started reading today and you are a great writer. Interviewing my person gave me some insight into what goes into recovery and I am happy for you and your progress. Oh my prof said that I could add more detail to my two paragraphs...OY!!

GreenCanary said...

I second shania's indignation. I was looking for your name as well and couldn't understand why they wouldn't mention it. I know, though, how family is, it's just a shame they used his obituary to make a statement.

Stapeliad said...


At least you're brave enough to face truth...most people can't do it.