So Good So Far!

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I've done more things in the past two weeks than I have since Christmas! First off - the Tallgrass Appreciation and Celebration event at the Minnehaha Country Club.

Then, as a part of the Sioux Empire Roundup, Gay Boyfriend and I hosted a luncheon between speakers. He cleaned and made dessert. I did everything else. As usual. But he provides all the entertainment. Oh, and he washed the dishes. I can't forget that part!

In case you can't read it - the bottle says, "Its time to sparkle." I think that says it all!

As a part of that weekend, my sponsor's daughter turned ten and we had a 10 year old giggling girls' birthday party at the pool along with several toddlers. If I ever complain that I don't have children, I've got plenty waiting for me to babysit!

On another day, Gay Boyfriend tried to hook the washer hose into the drain on the floor. There was a big metal bolt that the previous owners had painted shut. He put so much effort into it that the metal bolt broke. No joke.

Many colorful words were used.....


carrster said...

What an awesome photographic update! Loved it!! You look radiant, btw. :)

Kate said...

Awww.... Thanks!