Sometimes I wish I weren't so alone...

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Because when I'm alone at the office all day, I SURF THE INTERNET AND READ THINGS LIKE THIS!
Disgusting Food Additives
Urban Legends that are TRUE
Handy Bags

But it's not all bad, because usually I find something to cook for dinner. Tomorrow night will be Pasta E Fagioli

And I get to catch up on some good reading. This woman is quite fascinating. Makes very interesting choices in life. Salt Water Princess I can't figure out whether or not it's fiction. Either that, or my life is just very incredibly boring.

And please be truthful here. Have you ever done a colon cleanse? I'm kinda thinking about it. Really. Seriously. Dr. Natura. Or am I way off base?

I've discovered an additional employee benefit. When alone in the office all day, I can exercise! My co-worker and I do her Pilates tape about three times a week (instead of getting that cookie at the cafeteria), and I bring my bender ball (it works, it really does) occasionally. This is the yoga pose I was trying today to make my owie hurt leg outer quad feel better. They refer to it as the "ouch-asana."

I can't get into the lunge position. There's always tomorrow.

It's almost time to go home, but I'm not going home! I'm going to speak at a different treatment center - Keystone - with my sponsor's sponsor. I go every second Wednesday of the month to talk to the adolescent girls. I love it. Mostly because I still miss working with kids. I never really got into drugs, but I tell you - that's all they're doing anymore! It's so frightening to hear their stories. And the thing about drugs (which maybe is a good thing) is that they go down and they go down FAST. It's a drink one night after school, pot the next weekend, meth the next day and then maybe a month later, it's all over. It seriously goes that fast. Not always, but 'pert near. I was so lucky.


GreenCanary said...

Hey Kate! I jumped to your blog via my blog! Nice to meet'cha! And P.S. I SO want to move to South Dakota. Maryland? IT'S CROWDED, yo. So you're my hero.

Stapeliad said...

OOOH I like your blog!

Colon cleanse! YAY! I went through a period in my early 20s where I actually kept colon cleansing books in my bathroom. (appropriate, no?)
Anyhow everyone should do colon cleanses and I can go on and on about why. Considering how often people say Shit! in this country, pooping (if you're an adult) is kind of a cultural taboo.

So um, yep I've done them. Liver cleanse too while you're at it.

Bridget said...

A colon cleanse doesn't sound like a very boring life to me. Rather frightening instead!

Nice to meet you Kate!