You win.

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So I did it. I shaved. All the way up each lily white leg. Why? Why in God's name did I think I needed to reinstate that at this very moment in time? Certainly has NOTHING to do with ANYONE other than myself seeing them, that is a given. I think it was the illusion of spring? The birds chirping? The fact that I didn't have to wear a wool coat, scarf, hat and gloves yesterday or the day before. I felt a little "lighter." Perhaps more hopeful? My God. When THAT much can come out of shaving your legs, there's got to be more to life!

Anyway. Just thought I'd confess. For all you non-winter shavers out there? You win. It's still socks and shoes season and I caved.


Meigan said...

I love this post!

My company makes Skintimate shaving cream. You could be our spokesperson with a post like this!

I need to send you some samples, girl!

Kate said...

I guess I don't know who you work for. I tried to guess! And I would love to do marketing for you. Seriously. My previous boss at Sanford tried to tell me what a story I had about being hospitalized (meningitis - no joke)but no one interviewed me. I was so sad :( HA!!!!1

GreenCanary said...

meigan - Yo! If you're tossing out some free shave gel, send some my way! I'll post ALL about my shaving woes :-)

kate - I read your comment on RudeCactus's blog... Girlie. You broke my heart, but what a tenacious spirit you have!