Talk Derby to Me

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Tonight we went to the Roller Derby. A blast as usual! My co-worker's sister, daughter and niece are all in it - along with some very interesting women. Tonight, someone from the other team broke their nose and got carted off in an ambulance. But there were no chick fights. I was so disappointed. There's always a fight! Oh well. Good times were had by all.

Quiet Easter for me. Sister Jen is in New York, working at the hospital. Brother Dan and Sister-in-Law Jenny are in Missouri with her family, Mom and Dad are afraid of getting the crud from me. So, it's off to a 10 a.m. meeting (year long sabbatical from church was initiated last Easter) and then to Barb's - my recovery mom's. Looking back, I've celebrated every single holiday with Barb and her family (and assorted wack-jobs, including me) for the past two years! Nice to have a family away from home, that's for certain.

I had coffee with my friend Mark today. I called him to get a meeting schedule and he called back fifteen minutes later, asking if I'd come and visit. Sure thing. The man had an incredible amount of wisdom for me when I got sober. Turns out he was having the worst of a string of bad bad days, missing his wife. She passed away about five years ago. After my last post, I kind of put some more of that to rest. Thank God for the opportunity to be of help to another person. It puts everything in perspective. I'm not the only one the universe that has lost a loved one. He's kind of a renegade - actually has a permit for a concealed weapon! I was scared shitless of him when I first met him. But my God, the heart in that man. We ate praire chicken stew and visited. The simple South Dakota life. Breaking bread and drinking coffee with a good friend. I don't think it gets much better than that for me today.


Meigan said...

I'm glad you have family away from home, too! I wouldn't know a soul in South Dakota.

Little Dan is married? Really? I loved that kid - and your whole family of course.

I kind of like celebrating Easter sans family. This year I inherited 4 siblings somehow, but it'll be ok. I'm not cleaning the house for them.

Have a good one!

carrster said...

Happy Easter, Kate! I'm glad that you have a great network of friends & *family* in South Dakota. :)