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Wednesday 52° F 27° F 11° C -3° C
Rain Showers 30% chance of precipitation
Thursday 47° F 29° F 8° C -2° C
50% chance of precipitation Chance of Snow
Friday 36° F 22° F 2° C -6° C
30% chance of precipitation Chance of Snow
Saturday 38° F 23° F 3° C -5° C
20% chance of precipitation
Mostly Cloudy
Sunday 38° F 18° F 3° C -8° C
Rain Showers

This is the gloomy forecast. However, the temperatures show mighty signs of being flip-flop friendly today and tomorrow. There's just something about baring your tootsies that just reeks (maybe it's your feet) of spring!


Shania said...

We are currently in the midst of a three day long downpour. If it doesn't stop soon, I'm starting on the ark.