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I officially have nothing to fool anyone with anymore.

It's not that I couldn't make something up, but I just don't think that under the circumstances, that fooling anyone in my immediate circle with the kinds of things I usually fool people with would be in any way appropriate.

In the last four years, I've had a car accident, broken my leg requiring major surgery and home health care for several months, gotten meningitis and been hospitalized numerous times, ended up in treatment, owed lots of money, lost a job, lost a boyfriend. I mean, telling someone that I won the lottery just doesn't work anymore, and anything catastrophic would seem like I was tempting fate at this point.

So, I happily jumped when Tami pointed out a "mouse" on the floor, and panicked when Gay Boyfriend called to tell me the basement flooded.

I am not the bringer of fools today. I am the fooled, and if that means I get to enjoy my day, then I'm all for it.