Oh Beautiful Sun!

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The interview? You never know, you know? It went fine. I felt good. It's a very small non-profit company and I don't know if I want that anymore, but we'll see. The director is on vacation for the next two weeks - so no big hurry!

This morning, I had coffee with M - whose thinking about buying a bakery! She makes the best cookies, cakes and breads around, so that's very exciting!

Then, unbeknownst to me, I was destined to get socked with a migraine. I was out reading on the swing when the nausea and dizziness hit. The usual ward-it-off cure is six ibuprofen (Dr. prescribed!) and an immediate nap. That did it for a bit, which allowed me to go to friend J's with several other friends and all their children. Good times were had by all and my apple crisp was a HIT!

J has a trampoline and my broken leg doesn't like it so much, but it's dizzying and fun at the same time. Gay Boyfriend did a couple of rounds before the kids took over.

Then, the city kids did the farm kids' chores! I've had the farm fresh eggs, they are yummy!

And the rest was just plain fun~

Who could ask for a better Saturday?

Friends, fun and food, and we're all good to go. I'm so grateful for the people I have in my life today. There's nothing better than hanging out and enjoying people you love!


carrster said...

sounds (and looks!) like you guys had a great time! We had a couple beautiful days this weekend too - wheeeee!

Meigan said...

Very cool! I love the idea of the city kids doing the farm kids' chores. I'd love to send my city kids out to a farm for a week to do chores. Maybe then they'd come back & do chores at their OWN house.

GreenCanary said...

Diggin' that swing set... Kickin' it old school!